10 Suprising Health Benefits of Fish for Breakfast Bodybuilding

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fishEating in the morning or commonly called breakfast has become a habit for most people in the world. In general, starting a morning activity with breakfast provides sufficient energy intake for the move. This advice was also delivered by a health trainer from London-based Embody Fitness, Greg Crosthwaite. He suggests breakfast with fish or meat dishes will make the body fitter and slimmer.

Breakfast of about 500 calories high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates will prevent the body accumulate excess fat. Breakfast with a fish menu will give you the essential protein and good fats to optimize your metabolism and balance your blood sugar levels.

Fish is a high source of protein and essential fats. Many benefits that you will get if you regularly consume fish including at breakfast. Here we present to you health benefits of fish for breakfast bodybuilding:

  1. Helps the growth of the brain

Benefits of fish for breakfast bodybuilding especially marine fish contain high omega 3 besides high protein. Omega 3 is very needed in brain development.

  1. Good for bone growth

Fish also contains high enough calcium, phosphorus. Morning is the right time where the body’s metabolism is high-high. So the absorption of nutrients above will be very fast and good for the growth and health of your bones.

  1. Healthy heart

The healthy cardiovascular system is closely related to overall body health. Consumption of fish will help in lowering blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. Controlling cholesterol

The absence of bad cholesterol in the body will make your body healthy. Omega 3 contained in fish contains elements of EPA and DHA which has the function of lowering cholesterol levels.

  1. Boost the immune system

Fish is very good for immunity. Its high content of omega 3 has the function of helping to boost the immune system.

  1. Decrease the risk of degenerative diseases

The cells of the body will decrease in function with age. The mineral content of selenium and also antioxidants is believed to improve the body’s metabolism and overcome the problem of degenerative diseases. Read more: health benefits of almond tea

  1. Increase stamina

In addition to fats and carbohydrates, there are other substances that help generate energy like health benefits of honey. One of them is vitamin B complex. This vitamin is widely found in fish.

  1. Establish muscle mass

For those of you who diligently exercise in the hope your body healthy and muscular. High protein content in fish is very important to form your muscle mass in benefits of weightlifting

  1. Prevent a migraine

the content of vitamin B complex in fish helps the body reduce and prevent migraines in health benefits of coffee.

  1. Good for anemia

Another function of vitamin B complex in fish is to help the formation of hemoglobin. So eating fish will be very good for people with anemia.


Eating benefits of fish for breakfast bodybuilding is very good, but you need to know also especially on marine fish about the dangers of mercury in the sea. High mercury content is found in some fish species. This mercury is believed to trigger cancer. So you have to be wary of types of fish that contain a lot of mercury.