9 Facts Health Benefits of Playing Domino

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Domino is a simple game, probably comes from China a long time ago and now being popular in all over the world. The word domino is likely comes from the Latin word dominus and it means “master of the house.”. What makes the game simple? It is because the players just need a set of dominoes or a flat surface. In addition, the game is probably only need 30 minutes with two to five players.

Just like the other games, or you can also read in benefits of playing games with preschooler, domino has been more than just an activity for leisure and past time. Some people would like to join and create groups and communities with the purposes to wagers, earn money and win. More than that, the memory game has become one of the most exciting activities of all time with some health benefits. So, the health benefits of playing domino are:

  1. Increases arithmetic skills

Domino forces the play to think strategically as well as sum up thing that could be a multiple of five. Just like when you are in a double six and the other reaches a 6-3 to it, then the result should be equal to 6+6+3 = 15. The other part is immediately 15 points. When the maximum set of yours is 100 points, then the game should continue until one of the players gets 100 points. Consequently, playing domino increases arithmetic skills.

  1. Thinks critically

In domino, when one of the players successfully put all the tiles in the train, it means that the game ends while the remaining player should count all the dots put in the tiles remaining at his hand. Furthermore, the winner of the round should be given the converted points of total number of remaining dots.

  1. Improves strategy

In order to win the game of domino, the players need to learn strategy. As an example, when the player is losing five points and being trapped in a game, believe that there is still a chance to escape by trying to develop a strategy to gain the 5 point until ends summation.

  1. Controls blood pressure

As playing domino can increase endorphins, then it may lead to the reducing of blood pressure. Therefore, the game is also suitable for those who are with high blood pressure since it is one of the conditions that influence overall health.

  1. Boosts immune system

One of the health benefits of playing domino is to boost immune system. Playing games like domino will give positive feeling where it is believed to make the immunity boosts. In addition, it trains your brain function as well as fights several diseases.

  1. Develops social skill

The social skill will be developed as the players playing domino. The game should be played more than one person, which also means the players are having more interactions. Furthermore, the developing social skill can lead to the improving of personality and other aspects.

  1. Reduces stress

While playing domino or other board games, the players need to focus to win the game as well as helps to reduce stress. The benefit is also related with the increasing of endorphins. Furthermore, studies also found that game can relax the feeling or acts as stress relief. Or you can also read health benefits of popping bubble wrap.

  1. Relaxes mind and feeling

Many games stimulates the relax mind and feeling that promote mental health. Mental health works for physical health and consequently maintaining your mental health is one of important things.  Due to the reason, many people prefer to play games as their stress relief than other activities, especially for board games such as domino.

  1. Enhances memory

Cognitive function including memory will increase by playing domino. The game trains the brain that also gives a great impact on how memory works. With the benefits, any age can play the game even for elderly to keep the function of their brain because as they get older, the brain function also tends to be reduced.

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