Awesome Health Benefits of Pomegranate for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is never an easy nor lovely situation to deal with. Liquid stools, rumbling stomach and the constant urge to go to the toilet are what makes how to prevent diarrhea to be unenjoyable. Many food items can be used to treat diarrhea, including pomegranate. What makes pomegranate special? And what are the awesome health […]

Health Benefits of Furikake – Japanese Healthy Flavoring

Furikake flavoring is one of the most well known Japanese seasonings, if not the most prevalent of all. Furikake, or furikake flavoring, refers to a scope of dried, typically blended seasonings made particularly for sprinkling over rice. As a one of a kind sort of Japanese flavoring, furikake arrives in a wide scope of flavors, […]

The Powerful Health Benefits of Tamil Rice: Kuthiraivali Rice

Kuthiraivali Rice is one type of rice from Tamil, it mainly grows in Uttaranchal, India. Grows as wild seed and is the fastest grains to grow up, it can produce rice within 45 days. There are other names for Kuthiraivali Rice like Barnyard Millet in English, Sanwa in Hindi, Shyama in Bengal, and Oodalu in […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Colombian Tres Leches Cake

Are you a fan of sponge cake? And do you fancy dairy all the time? If the answer is yes to both, then supposedly you should try tres leches cake. Tres leches (“three milks” in Spanish) is a sponge cake soaked in three types of milk; evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. Apart from […]

Health Benefits of Plum Cakes – Good for Digestion

Plum cakes refer to a vast range of cakes that are made either using dried currant, raisin or prunes or fresh fruits. The term “plum cake” greatly varies over time and over geographical regions; in some cases, plum cakes have evolved into what we know as fruit cakes! Meanwhile, plum cakes that use plum itself […]

The Health Benefits of Red Rice Kattu Yanam – You Probably Don’t Know

There are many varieties of rice grow in South India, one of the most popular and has an abundant amount of nutrient is Kattu Yanam. Kattu Kattu Yanam is one of the red rice varieties originally planted in India. Its name consists of two words, Kattu or Kadu which means forest and Yanai meaning elephant. […]

Health Benefits of Soondubu Jjigae – Korean Food You’ll Love

Soondubu jjgae is a kind of food in the form of soup originating from the country of South Korea and usually interested in this dish is more vulnerable to old age because of its soft texture. Here are more about Health Benefits of Galbijjim No wonder this food is often eaten during the rainy or snowy season because […]

Health Benefits of Budae Jjigae – Health Korean Food You’ll Love

Budae jjigae is a Korean cuisine that used to have a history that this dish Made by army during the ancient war when they were starving so they got food in America in the form of sausage and ham then they processed it using gochujang spice into jjgae buddae. the meaning of the word budae is troop while jjgae is soup. Here are more about Health Benefits of Quesadillas […]

The Powerful Benefits of Varagu Rice – Kodo Millet

Varagu rice is one of many rice and grains variant that grows in South India, but you can also find it in many Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and also West Africa. If you are not familiar with name Varagu rice you can search it in its English name which is Kodo millet.  […]

The Health Benefits of Rajma Chawal – North Indian Spicy Curry

Rajma chawal is an authentic North Indian dish, where rajma as a spicy curry which is served with steam boiled rice. The combination of rajma (kidney beans) and chawal (rice) giving it universal name of “rajma chawal”. Some people avoid the combination of rajma and rice thinking it might be gain weight or fattening. But […]