Health Benefits of Plum Cakes – Good for Digestion

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Plum cakes refer to a vast range of cakes that are made either using dried currant, raisin or prunes or fresh fruits. The term “plum cake” greatly varies over time and over geographical regions; in some cases, plum cakes have evolved into what we know as fruit cakes! Meanwhile, plum cakes that use plum itself can either use real plum fruits or plum jam. Anyway, despite all these variations, what are the health benefits of plum cake?

The Variations of Plum Cake

Like what is mentioned earlier, health benefits of plum fruits cakes do vary over time and place. These are some of its variation by region.

  • English Style – English plum cakes use raisins and currants, plus they are rather known as “health benefits of fruitcake” there.
  • French Style – French health benefits plum pregnancy cakes use actual plum fruits, in the form of tarts or galettes.
  • German Style – German style plum cakes use yeast pastry instead of shortcrust pastry in order to better absorb the plum fruits.
  • Italian Style – Italian style plum cakes are baked on oven, using dried fruit and also yoghurt.
  • Polish Style – Polish style plum cakes use fresh plum fruits.
  • Indian Style – Indian plum cakes are health benefits of Christmas cake food items and may contain alcohol such as rum or brandy.
  • American Style – American health benefits of Nigerian plum cakes are similar to English plum cakes due to it being introduced in America by English colonists.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Plum Cakes are Good for the Heart

First, plums are good for the heart because of its potassium content, plus they are low in calories which make it safe for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

  1. Plum Cakes Relieve Constipation

Plums are widely regarded for relieving constipation because of its isatin and sorbitol content for keeping healthy bowels.

  1. Plum Cakes Protect Against Cancer

The pigmentation of plum, anthocyanins also turn out to be useful for fighting free radicals and cancer such as breast cancer and oral cancer.

  1. Plum Cakes for Blood Circulation

Plums improve the body’s capability to absorb iron, which are needed for the production of red blood cells.

  1. Plum Cakes Lower Cholesterol Levels

Plum has soluble fibre, which reduces cholesterol levels and inhibit the formation of cholesterol inside the liver.

  1. Plum Cakes are Good for the Skin

Plum is able to firm the skin and improve its texture. Consume plums routinely for a healthier and better quality skin.

  1. Plum Cakes are Good for the Bones

Plums contain boron, which preserves bone density plus bone health and also flavonoids and phenolic compounds to counter weakening bones.

  1. Plum Cakes are Low in Calories

Plums contain a very low calorie content at just 30 kcal, therefore suitable for dieting!

  1. Plum Cakes for Hair Growth

Plums reverse the adrenal gland fatigue for stopping hairfall. In addition, the iron inside plums also promote hair growth and improve blood circulation for a thicker and stronger hair.

  1. Plum Cakes Improve Immunity

And finally, plum fruits improve immunity plus promotes the development of healthy tissues. As such, everyday illnesses like flu can be held back.

These are the health benefits of plum cakes, which also share the health benefits of plum fruits. All in all, plums are full of essential minerals and antioxidants that can help achieve a better overall health.