The Powerful Health Benefits of Tamil Rice: Kuthiraivali Rice

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Kuthiraivali Rice is one type of rice from Tamil, it mainly grows in Uttaranchal, India. Grows as wild seed and is the fastest grains to grow up, it can produce rice within 45 days. There are other names for Kuthiraivali Rice like Barnyard Millet in English, Sanwa in Hindi, Shyama in Bengal, and Oodalu in Canada. It has a nutty flavor and sweetness similar to broken rice.

The Kuthiraivali Rice is a tiny, white, and round grain. Mostly in India, this rice is cooked during fasting days. You can make a lot type of food based on this Kuthiraivali Rice, like porridge, dosa, idlis, or cheela. It consists of a high fiber that good for diet also highly recommended for those who have a chronic disease. See also health benefits of red rice kattu yanam

The nutritions of Kuthiraivali Rice

Kuthiraivali Rice is really famous in the origin country, India. This type of rice is widely found in India because it is considered economically affordable and tastes really good. Inside 100 g of Kuthiraivali Rice contains a plenty list of nutrients, here the lists. 

  • 380 calories
  • 73 g of carbohydrate
  • 9 g of fiber
  • 1 g of sugar
  • 4 g of fat
  • 11 g of protein
  • 5 mg of sodium
  • 195 mg of potassium
  • 4,4 g of minerals
  • 1% of calcium
  • 3% of iron

The health benefits of Kuthiraivali Rice

  • Control level of Cholesterol

Kuthuraivali Rice helps you lowering your triglyceride level thus reduce cholesterol level and maintaining blood sugar level. It can also be preventing your heart from having a cardiovascular disease. The iron inside it also helps promote more blood and improve your heart.    

  • Helps digestion system

The amount of dietary fiber consists of Kuthuraivali Rice helps digestion systems to digest food easier. It helps avoid constipation, helps bowel movement, and also cleanse up colon.  Check also health benefits of camote leaves

  • Good for diabetes

The good combination of lower glycemic index, fewer carbohydrates, and higher amount of dietary fiber make these types of rice healthier and most suitable for those that have diabetes. The carbohydrates inside Kuthuraivali Rice is slowly processed and digestible thus lowering the level of the glycemic index. 

  • Gluten-free

This Kuthuraivali Rice is also a gluten-free food, good for those who allergic to wheat. For those who have celiac disease or ones with irritable bowel syndrome are highly recommended to consume these types of rice.

  • Good for diet

All types of millet, including Kuthiraivali Rice, having a high fiber and good for those in the diet. Fiber will prevent gain in weight and also promote a weight loss. it is also working as an anti-obesity food. The study also stated that fiber inside Kuthiraivali Rice is one of the highest around 12 percents, it helps digestion systems as it is easy to digest and prevent constipation. This type of rice contains fewer calories thus helping save energy more and avoid any fat accumulation. 

It is important to note that maybe eating too much this rice for some people can cause a heating effect on their body. but do not worry to avoid this thing you can add some vegetable to cool your body or mix this rice with other types of rice. Check also health benefits of thinai rice