3 Amazing Health Benefits of Pigeon Eggs #1 Traditional Cure

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We can find pigeon (columbidae) in all the world. It has plump body with short neck and beak. In nature, pigeon build its nest from sticks. Its nest will be placed on the tree, baluster or land. That thing is depend on pigeon species.

Some people considered that if they cared pigeon, they will not get many benefits like chicken. But for some people, pigeon is used to race or consume its meat. How about the little pigeon eggs?

Pigeon egg contains high protein in yolk and albumen eggs. Beside that, Pigeon egg has fat and carbohydrate, too. They can be useful as energy source for our body. It can help to fix cell damage, too. This article will give you some information about health benefits of pigeon eggs.

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Contains of pigeon eggs

There are some contents in pigeon eggs. They are very useful for our body. These are composition of pigeon egg:

  • Protein : 13.8 %
  • Fat : 12.0 %
  • Carbohydrate : 0.8 %
  • Ash : 0.9 %

Health benefits of pigeon eggs

Although pigeon eggs often use for food ingredients, this pigeon eggs have amazing health benefits, too. There are three health benefits of pigeon eggs, such as

  1. As pigeon cultivation

Pigeon is a kind of oviparous animal , an animal which is reproducing by producing egg. Pigeon has to hatch its egg. So it needs to incubate its egg until hatch.

  1. As egg consumption

Same with another bird eggs, pigeon egg can be consumed by fried or boiled it. But, pigeon egg is small. So it is often consumed by people.

  1. As traditional fever reducer medicines

The third health benefits of pigeon egg is a traditional fever reducer medicines. Because based on myth, If our child got fever, we can give raw pigeon egg to him. These are some ways to consume pigeon egg as traditional fever reducer medicines :

  • The first way

You can consume raw pigeon egg without add anything else. You should open pigeon eggshell. Then you eat it when its yolk and albumen came out.

  • The second way

You can give raw pigeon egg after its yolk and albumen mix. Based on myth, after a few hours, there are red freckles on children skin. If pigeon egg was effective, children fever will be less.

  • The third way

If your child didn’t like to consume raw pigeon egg directly, you can mix it with honey. Beside honey is sweet, honey is often used as traditional medicines, too.

These ways  can be one of your solution to reduce fever in your child without medicines. You will be so lucky, if your children got fever and your family had pigeon eggs. Because pigeon egg can used for traditional fever reducer medicines.

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Caution of pigeon eggs

Alhtough pigeon egg is very good for our health, but it can make bad effects for our body, too. Eggs can cause food poisoning. We can find salmonella enteriditis in aves. This bacteria can cause disease in our food. The symptoms of this bacteria poisoning are diarrhea, headache, fever and stomachache.

This symptom will be looked after 5 – 36 hours. It will be dangerous for children or parents who have less immune. If you bought fresh eggs and you let it in room temperature, salmonella enteriditis will grow.  Because of that, you should not consume raw eggs. But if you have to eat raw pigeon eggs for you health, you should know more tips to choice good eggs.

These some tips to choice good eggs for consuming :

  • Buy eggs as your necessary because egg is not durable. It is very good to avoid expired egg.
  • Shell is not crack, it is clean from dirt.
  • Its yolk is pure and its albumen is in the center of egg.
  • Egg doesn’t float when we soaked it into water.

Those are some information for you about health benefits of pigeon eggs. Hope this article can help you to get more information about health benefits of pigeon eggs. Thank you for reading this article and see you next time.