10 Powerful Benefits of Rosy Peel Capsule and The Recommendation Intake

These days, health and skin treatment can be received in various methods. The most common method is go to a clinic to receive treatment. But, sometimes these method of treatment need to be supported by supplement or drugs. There’s a lot of supplement for skin and beauty. Most of them are quite affordable and easy […]

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Peel – Wondrous Contents

Dragon fruit is a fruit that grows a lot in mainland North America to Mexico. This fruit has the name of the fruit “dragon” because it has a skin like dragon scales. In China, this fruit is usually always present in various religious ceremonies because it is considered one of the sacred fruits to be […]

What are The Health Benefits of Banana Peel? The Research Here!

Admit it, when eating a banana, we don’t even bother with the peel. We throw them away into the trash can, or if someone is sneaky enough, on the street hoping someone would step and slip on them (a common gag in television and other media). If you love eating banana, don’t do that. You’ll […]

20 Health Benefits of Pomegranate Peel – Homemade Dried Powder

What do you know about pomegranate? In some countries, people know it better as passion fruit. There are a lot of varieties of pomegranate and some of them are only growing in specific countries with specific climate. However, it is not the only unique thing about pomegranate. While people are familiar with the health benefits […]

7 Benefits of Cassava Peels for Health and Environment

Cassava, yuca, or manioc (Manihot Utilissima) is an annual shrub from the United States that produces tubers that come from growing roots. Cassava has an average tuber size of 2-3 cm in diameter with a length of 50-80 cm. Cassava tubers usually have an oval shape with the inside of the tuber is white or […]

10 Secret Health Benefits of Watermelon Peel Just Revealed

We ought to dump watermelon skins into the bin after we munch on its red watery flesh. Little we know that watermelon skin actually has health advantages of its own. Yes, it is true that the flesh is the central part of watermelon consumption, but don’t be fooled by the skin. It indeed has its […]