12 Important Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Gout Treatment

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Uric acid or gout is one type of disease that comes from the residual metabolism of purine substances. Purine itself comes from the food we consume daily. Purines are substances that exist in every food ingredient in the body of living things. People who suffer from Uric acid or gout usually feel the pain that generally occurs in the joints of fingers, elbows, wrists also on the fingers.

The symptoms of uric acid are:

  • The pain that is commonly felt in the morning or at night
  • Pain in the joints of the hands, fingers and hand wrists
  • The occurrence of repeated pain in the joints
  • Pain that occurs sometimes followed by swelling
  • For those suffering from chronic uric acid, pain can arise even with slight body movements

Uric acid is one type of disease that has a close relationship with one’s diet. Keep your life’s diet as good as possible so as to avoid this one disease or other type of illness due to poor diet.

Nutrition Of Red Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit that comes from Central America is suitable to grow in areas with tropical climates, dry subtropical areas including Indonesia. Dragon fruit has a high vitamin C benefits so it is good for boosting the immune system. Good immunity helps you in avoiding disease-causing free radicals. Dragon fruit has a lot of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, C, phosphorus, the benefits of calcium and the benefits of good protein to help the process of tissue formation in the body.

Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that is recommended for people with uric acid. Dragon fruit has a unique shape with a sweet taste. The fruit of this one has been found in many traditional markets to modern markets though. Dragon fruit has a lot of good content ranging from nutrients and vitamins that can help you in maintaining health and treat various diseases where one of them is uric acid.

Dragon fruit is considered capable of dissolving purine substances in the body and then throw it along with urine and sweat. Dragon fruit is not only good for people with uric acid but can also be used to overcome cholesterol in the body and helps lower blood pressure and others. There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Petai Beans, and the Health benefits of Lotus Seeds.

The Benefits of Red Dragon Fruit For Other Health

Red dragon fruit has a lot of good content for the health of the body. This fruit is suitable serve as a daily menu at home. Especially for those who are running weight loss program, the use of dragon fruit that has a lot of fiber content, can help your healthy diet program.

Here are some benefits of dragon fruit for gout and our body health:

  1. Great for weight loss

Red Dragon Fruit is great to be combined with your daily diet, especially to help in your diet program and it is easier to lose weight.

  1. Prevent cancer (containing Lycopene)

Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease and one way to cure or reduce its symptoms is by consuming red dragon fruit regularly.

  1. Increase appetite

If you felt to need more appetite, red dragon fruit can help increase your appetite in no time. 

  1. Contains many antioxidants

There is lot of antioxidants material inside red dragon fruit. This antioxidants help our body to had a lesser chance for getting common disease.

There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Soursop for Cancer, and the Health benefits of Ginger.

  1. Suitable for diet

Not only increasing your appetite, red dragon fruit also help you increase the efectivity of your diet program by maintaining diet.

  1. Prevent diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is often occur on people with uncontrolled diet, and made their sugar level in their blood increase. Red dragon fruit can help reduce it inside the normal level

Above all of that benefits of dragon fruit for gout, Red dragon fruit also has lot more benefits for our body health, such as :

  1. Good for blood
  2. Good for bone
  3. Delay premature aging
  4. Prevent inflammation
  5. Maintaining heart health (containing lycopene)
  6. Strengthen the teeth
  7. Prevent cramps
  8. Keeping the body ions
  9. Good for cleansing the intestine
  10. Prevent the coming of bacteria to the intestine 
  11. Good for increasing body stamina
  12. Can be used as a natural dye
  13. Prevent muscle paralysis
  14. Great for seniors
  15. Preventing bone fragility (containing calcium and phosphorus)
  16. Maintain healthy nerves
  17. Good for baby digestion (above 1 year)
  18. Maintain skin firmness
  19. Overcome dry throat
  20. maintain the circulatory system
  21. Great for increasing breast milk
  22. Nice to reduce the over heat inside the body
  23. Nourish the eyes
  24. Lower cholesterol levels in the body
  25. Cure and reduce the problem of acne

Given there are so many benefits of red dragon fruit for health, you need not hesitate to make this fruit as a favorite fruit at home. You can include it can be your daily healthy menu. There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Snake head Fish, and the Health benefits of Eating Eel for our body.

How to Consume Red Dragon Fruits

To consume red dragon fruit, you can make it a fresh drink of juice or can also eat it directly with eaten. Dragons are eaten directly, is the best way because the enzymes contained in the mouth can be absorbed with the benefits of dragon fruit into the body. Meanwhile, if you make it into juice, you can get 100 kilos of calories in one drink.

Side Effects of Dragon Fruit Consumption

Until now still not found whether there are side effects in consuming dragon fruit. As we know, dragon fruit can be consumed by those who are pregnant, lactating mothers, people with heart disease, asthma even for those who are suffering from heart disease. In addition, infants who are 1 year old can also be given dragon fruit. That way, no wonder if dragon fruit is a type of fruit that is safe for daily consumption.