Let’s Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Skin

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Who likes to eat dragon fruit? The vitamin content of dragon fruit is very much claimed to have a myriad of benefits for the body. In fact, the benefits of dragon fruit for beauty are also unquestioned! Want to know anything more about it? You can also check the dragon fruit benefits for diabetes.

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, pitahaya, or strawberry pear, is a tropical fruit with the form of red skin, sweet meat, and speckled seeds. The myriad vitamin content of dragon fruit and its unique shape, make it very popular among fruit connoisseurs and those who have a high level of concern for health. Yup, the benefits of red dragon fruit for diet is no doubt.

The dragon fruit grows from the Hylocereus cactus also known as the Queen of Honolulu. The flowers themselves will only open at night. It was originally found in southern Mexico and Central America.

However, the many benefits of red dragon fruit for the diet of making this fruit can also be found in almost all countries, especially the tropical ones.

There are 2 types of dragon fruit that are most commonly found, namely dragon fruit with red skin color, white or red flesh, and black seed speckled. While the other type is referred to as the yellow dragon fruit because it has yellow skin, white flesh, and speckled black seeds.

Although the shape is very exotic, the taste of dragon fruit is similar to other fruits. If described, it tastes a bit sweet, like a blend of kiwifruit and pear flavors. About nutrition and vitamin content of dragon fruit no doubt, it even has the special benefits of dragon fruit for cancer. That’s why, no wonder it became a popular fruit for a long time.

The content of vitamins in dragon fruit that is no less important for the body is vitamin E. This vitamin is an antioxidant which works to keep body tissues from damage caused by free radicals.

Vitamin E is also used to help maintain the strength of the immune system in order to fight viruses and bacteria, help the body use vitamin K, as well as help widen blood vessels and avoid blood clotting.

After knowing all the antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamin content of dragon fruit, it is not surprising that the benefits of red dragon fruit for diet and benefits of dragon fruit for beauty are indeed very useful, such as:

1. Helps to Reduce Acne

Aside from providing amazing dragon fruits benefits for baby, dragon fruit can be useful for treating acne. Thank the vitamin C content for this, since it will provide the antioxidants needed to keep your facial skin more treated. These antioxidants will prevent your skin from breakouts and keep it healthy and glowing.

It’s easy, really, and all you have to do is crush the dragon fruit meat into a paste using a fork. Then, apply it to the breakout area using a cotton swab. Be sure to use a different cotton swab each applying to other acne areas so that the acne does not spread further.

2. Reduces Weight Significantly

You can process the fruit into a calming tea in order to get all the benefits of dragon fruit tea. If you’re having trouble with weight, this fruit can also help you out.

There are many things that can cause overweight, one of which is due to consuming too many foods containing sugar and fat. Dragon fruit is rich in fiber as well as low in calories. This fruit is believed to make your stomach continue to feel full without fear of gaining weight.

In addition, the fiber in this fruit also helps you reduce excess food intake and facilitate digestion so that not many foods accumulate in the stomach.

3. Overcoming Hair Damage

Dragon fruit is excellent for the treatment of dyed hair. Hair that has been dyed with chemicals for a long time can eventually be damaged. You can get the benefits by processing the dragon fruit into juice, then applying it on your scalp before shampooing, and the fruit plays a role in protecting the health of hair follicles.

Vitamins and minerals in dragon fruit can provide nutrients to the scalp so that your hair growth is healthy. It’s a way better alternative than using other chemical-filled medicines that could worsen your condition.

4. Moisturizes the Skin

Eating dragon fruit can moisturize the skin as well. The content of vitamin C, vitamin B3, and vitamin E in this fruit is useful to maintain the skin’s moisture.

With regular consumption, dry facial and body skin will return to moist and well hydrated, and you can do it in a very simple way by processing it into a natural face mask.

What the antioxidant substance does here is to protect your body from free radicals, so your skin will be moist throughout the day. Free radicals can damage cells and cause oxidative stress, making the skin appear dull and dehydrated all the time.

In addition, free radicals also cause skin aging to come early. Applying dragon fruit regularly to the face can prevent free radicals, so that the face does not look dull.

5. Helps Fighting Premature Aging

Poor lifestyle, lack of sleep, free radicals, poor diet, and exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun can accelerate the aging process of the skin and cause the onset of signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Aside from consuming it directly to get the benefits of dragon fruit peel, you may use dragon fruits to overcome this issue.

Well, applying dragon fruit to the skin of the face will significantly reduce this problem. To do so, remove half the flesh of the dragon fruit from its skin, then crush it into a soft paste.

You can also mix it with yogurt and after that, apply it to the face and neck. Wait for up to 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water thoroughly.