Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Peel – Wondrous Contents

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dragon fruit peelDragon fruit is a fruit that grows a lot in mainland North America to Mexico. This fruit has the name of the fruit “dragon” because it has a skin like dragon scales.

In China, this fruit is usually always present in various religious ceremonies because it is considered one of the sacred fruits to be dedicated to the gods. Dragon fruit suitable grown in a rather dry because it is included in the type of cactus plants that do not require much water for its growth, therefore, dragon fruit is also widely grown in Indonesia.

It is common knowledge that the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit are to overcome various diseases. This is because dragon fruit has a high nutrient and nutritional content. The doctors also often recommend dragon fruit for the healing process, especially during postoperative so that post-operative wounds dry quickly.

Dragon fruit has a slightly acidic taste and has a low caloric content so it is very good for those of you who are experiencing diabetes or high blood sugar levels and are in the weight loss program. Dragon fruit flesh can be made into several types of processed foods such as delicious juice, salad, soup and other according to their individual tastes.

Although dragon fruit has many benefits, besides the flesh, you will be surprised at some of the health benefits of dragon fruit peel.

The nutritional content of the dragon fruit peel!

Apparently not only dragon fruit that can be utilized and contain many nutrients in it but also in the skin. Dragon fruit peel contains a natural dye called betacyanin and has high minerals. This natural dye can be used as a natural food dye that is healthier than using synthetic dyes that are not good for the body.

Other benefits that can be obtained from dragon fruit peel is can be processed into a face mask. Dragon fruit peel contains vitamin E is good for the skin. Using a face mask from the peel of dragon fruit will make the skin look cleaner, tighter, white and feels more youthful and able to eliminate wrinkles.

The health benefits of dragon fruit peel!

Because the dragon fruit skin has nutritional content that is good for the health of the human body, some of the benefits offered are like:

  1. Circulatory health

Dragon fruit skin is believed to contain taraxast, pentacyclic and triyepene are very good for blood circulation.

A recent study found that in the skin of the dragon fruit contains compounds that are able to flex the blood vessels. With the existence of these compounds then the various health problems associated with the stiffness of blood vessels can be overcome.

Active compounds that are able to flex this blood vessel include taraxast 12, pentacylic triyepene 20ene 30aol. Both of these compounds are able to make blood vessels become supple and stay healthy.

This benefit is remarkable considering that until now there is only a chemical drug capable of performing this task and this is one of the latest breakthroughs of the health world and can be used as a natural remedy for the problem of blood vessels that have narrowed.

  1. Treating tumors

Another benefit in the peel of a dragon fruit is that it can treat a tumor. In the skin of the dragon fruit contains compounds that have an active role to inhibit the growth of abnormal cells which can become tumors.

To get maximum results from this dragon fruit skin, you can make it as an herbal drink. How to make it very easy that is by cutting the dragon fruit skin to be small and then dry in direct sunlight. Once dried you can brew it like brewing tea normally. For maximum results, you can consume 2 times a day.

  1. Detects the presence of borax and formalin

The existence of borax and formalin in food these days has become a worrying thing in society. If the body swallows borax and formalin in the long run, it will make the body experience many health problems like cancer, tumor, brain damage and others.

How to use this dragon fruit peel to be a detection tool of borax and formalin in food? The trick is to prepare the dragon fruit peel that has been cut and then soak in fresh water that has been given lemon juice. After that, wait a while until the water change color to red. After that, prepare the tissue and dip in the water of the dragon fruit peel immersion. Paste the red tissue on the food to be tested, if the tissue does not change color and keep it red then the food contains borax or formalin but if the color of the tissue changes faded and becomes white then the food is safe to eat because it contains no borax and formalin.

  1. Prevent cancer

Dragon fruit skin can also be one of the herbal remedies for the treatment of various types of cancer. Cancer is a very deadly disease in the world and you can avoid it with herbal remedies made from the peel of this dragon fruit. If you are in a period of cancer treatment, it would be better for you if you take herbal medicine from the peel of this dragon fruit along with other pharmaceutical drugs. Using dragon fruit peel is one of the natural ways to Prevent Cancer Naturally.

  1. Caring for the skin

Another benefit that is in the skin of dragon fruit is able to care for the skin. Dragon fruit skin contains antioxidants, Vitamin C Benefits, and vitamin E are high enough so very good for skin health. Antioxidants are able to ward off free radicals that make the skin becomes dull, dry, and sore. For those of you who often do outdoor activities then consume tea from dragon fruit skin is very suitable to protect your skin from all the problems and harmful sun rays.

You can also make this dragon fruit skin a natural face mask is good for the skin. How to make a mask from dragon fruit skin is quite easy that is by separating the smooth peel with a rough peel on the outside. What is used is the soft peel inside only. After ready then puree by manual pounding or by using a blender. After that, apply on the face evenly as much as 3 times a week for optimal results. By using a mask of dragon fruit peel, this will make the face free from various facial problems such as pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles.

  1. Moisturises the skin

One of the problems that many people experience on their skin is dry skin problems. Dry skin is usually experienced by those who often do outdoor activities and exposed to direct sunlight. Dry skin will make your appearance becomes less attractive, looks dull, and can cause some other skin health problems. Therefore, you can use the herbal way of dragon fruit peel to prevent dry skin and keep it moist so that your skin will become healthier.

  1. Prevent and eliminate acne

A face free from acne is fun and make you feel confident about it. Another benefit of dragon fruit peel is to Prevent Acne and Pimples Naturally. In addition to the high vitamin E content, the dragon fruit peel also contains vitamin C that can control oil production. Not only that, the dragon fruit peel also contains antioxidants that can prevent free radicals so that the skin remains clean and healthy. Dragon fruit peel is one of the natural ways to Get Rid of Acne Fast with Natural Remedies.

  1. Helps skin regeneration

Dead skin cells that can not be peeled and a lot of sediment will make the skin look dull and dry. Therefore, you can take advantage of dragon fruit peel to help skin regeneration. In that part, it contains nutritional betacyanin, vitamin C, B1, B2 and also vitamin A that can help remove dead skin cells and skin regeneration. You will also get skin that is always healthy and moist.

  1. Prevent premature aging

Other benefits of dragon fruit peel can help prevent premature aging. The high content of antioxidants that exist on the peel of dragon fruit which is used as a mask can help the skin stay young. You can make the mask manually that is by mashing the dragon fruit peel until smooth and then apply on face. Wear it regularly to get the best results.

How to use dragon fruit peel!

To get the benefits of dragon fruit peel, you must know how to properly process it. Here is a list of how you can use the dragon fruit peel to get the benefits:

  • Dragon fruit peel tea

To make it as an herbal medicine for some diseases then you can process it into dragon fruit peel tea. How to make it easy enough, you just have to prepare the dragon fruit peel that has been cut into small pieces to form the dice. After that, you dry the peel of the dragon fruit in direct sunlight until the dragon fruit peel is dry.

Once dry, you can immediately brew the dragon fruit peel that is ready as normal brew tea. You can enjoy this dragon fruit peel tea accompanied by bread, pudding or other healthy snacks. With this, you will get the benefits that are in the peel of dragon fruit in a way that is delicious and easy.

  • Saute the dragon fruit peel

You may be a bit strange with this way. It turns out the dragon fruit peel can also be used as a stir-fry with a distinctive taste and delicious dishes. The trick is with:

  1. Preparing and slashing pieces of dragon fruit peel.
  2. Mashed spices such as onion, garlic, salt, sugar, chili, candlenut, tomatoes, and ginger until smooth.
  3. Cook the spices with a little extra oil, then last, add the pieces of dragon fruit peel.

This is a great way to get the benefits of dragon fruit peel.

  • Extract of dragon fruit skin

To get the benefits of dragon fruit peel you can also take it from dragon fruit peel extract that has been produced in recent times. Thus, you will be able to get the benefits of dragon fruit peel in a practical and instant way.

That’s the amazing health benefits of dragon fruit peel. Try doing these steps to feel the benefits!