10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kelp for Dogs

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kelpKelp is one of the nutritional supplements for dogs. Kelp has a good nutritional content such as salt and minerals. Not only that, many veterinarians also recommend the health benefits of kelp for dogs as a supplement for pets.

Content that is in kelp and required by dogs include:

  • Iodine
  • Mineral
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Amino acid

Kelp provides many positive benefits for dogs. This is because the nutrients in kelp are also needed for dog health. Some of the benefits that can be obtained by dogs if consumed kelp are as follows:

1. Reduces dental plaque

Not only humans, pets like dogs can have dental plaque. Dental plaque in dogs will be very disturbing. In research conducted in Sweden, consuming kelp can reduce plaque on teeth. While research in the UK explains that kelp contains Bacillus lichenformis bacteria capable of releasing enzymes that can break down plaque on the teeth

2. Contains iodine

Iodine is also needed by dogs to avoid certain diseases such as hypothyroidism in dogs. Hypothyroidism is also called mumps. Thyroid glands are deficient in iodine can result in nerves and dogs can’t develop properly

3. Contains a mixture of natural salts and minerals

Salt and minerals are needed to maintain the health of the pituitary gland, the adrenal gland, and also the thyroid gland. If the gland does not get enough salt and minerals it will cause the dog to fail to develop. Can be a dog will suffer a disability

4. Reduce itching and skin problems

Consuming kelp will also reduce itching and skin problems in dogs. This is because kelp can repel ticks that cause itching and skin problems in dogs

5. Rich in iron and calcium

Iron serves to accelerate wound healing and also increases the ability of the blood to spread oxygen to the cells of the body. while calcium is required by dogs to prevent arthritis and maintain bone health

6. Contains natural amino acids

Kelp contains natural amino acids like glutamic and aspartic acids in health benefits of quail eggs. This amino acid is used as a support to repair damaged tissue. In fact, the Japanese use it to extend their age

7. Cleaning the digestive system

Consuming kelp in dogs will make the dog’s digestive system clean. Because kelp contains high fiber which is good for digestive system in health benefits of honey

8. Strengthen the immune system

A strong immune system will keep your dog healthy for longer. dogs will be immune to dangerous diseases. This benefit is also very necessary especially for dogs who are old enough. Read also: ice bath benefits

9. Fixed body tissues

The content of amino acids and proteins in kelp can help repair damaged tissue in dogs

10. Reduces edema

If the dog has swelling or edema due to injury, then kelp is the best medicine to reduce swelling in health benefits phyton oil


Use health benefits of kelp for dogs from the deep sea. The goal is to avoid kelp contaminated by marine pollution. Give ¼ teaspoon kelp for dog weight under 22 kg. As for the dog of medium size give ½ teaspoon. And 1 teaspoon for dogs weighing more than 55 kg