Scientific Benefits of Dogs Licking Wounds You Should Know

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Licking wounds is an intuitive behavior done by animal. It is common for us to see cat or dog licking their wounds. Not only animal, human sometimes also have this kind of habit. Unconsciously, we bite or lick on our small wound, especially those small wounds around the fingers.

Well, for some people licking wounds might be a nasty thing to do. It might also be assumed to be dangerous as it may increase the severity of the wounds.

As we know, saliva is not always good for open wounds. But how about our beloved dogs? It is common for our dog to lick on us as the representation of their affection. Sometimes we can not avoid wen the dogs lick on the wounds. So, how is it? Is it dangerous? In this article, we are going to discuss about the benefits of dogs licking wounds.

As we know, dog saliva is claimed to have some beneficial aspect with its Benefits of a Dog Licking You, especially for its wound healing property. But is it true that the antibacterial property in dog saliva contributes some benefits to the wound recovery? Stay on this page to find out more about benefits of dogs licking wounds.

The Value of Dog Saliva

Many ancient cultures believe in the healing ability of dogs’ licks. For example, in Egypt, they praise dogs for a creature with the ability relate to death and life. It is also the reason why they have Anubis, in their mythology. Besides, dog licking was taken as healing practice by the Greek. They even trained dog to lick wound to take the benefits of dogs licking wounds.

Recent research found that animal saliva especially dogs contains some beneficial compounds such as:

  • Histatins
  • Nerve Growth Factor
  • Epidermal growth factor
  • Cell-derived tissue factor
  • Lysozyme
  • Peroxidase
  • Defensins
  • Cystatins
  • IgA
  • Thrombospondin
  • Nitrates
  • Opiorphin

Benefits of Dogs Licking Wounds

Some scientific research showed that dog’s lick on wound can be beneficial either for the dog or for human. Here are the benefits of dogs licking wound we can get:

  1. Antibacterial

Dogs saliva naturally contain antibacterial property as contained in The Benefits of Dog Saliva . It is beneficial either for dog itself or for human. This is also the reason why dogs and the other animal automatically lick their wound and the wound can instantly healed without any further medical care.

The antibacterial properties in dog’s saliva are lysozyme and peroxidase enzyme, defensins, cystatins, and an antibody called IgA.

  1. Antiviral

Besides the quality to present antibacterial properties, dog’s saliva also possesses antiviral property. A compound called Thrombospondin is an antiviral contained in dog’s saliva. When dogs lick wounds, this antiviral compound can protect the wound from viral infection.

  1. Cleanse wound

Sometimes, we can see when dogs automatically lick on their master’s new wound. For some people, that might be scary, as the saliva might transfer some dangerous health risk. But do you know that the act of licking on the new wound can be the first treatment for the wound. It instantly cleanses wounds from any dirt and germ which might lead to further infection. 

  1. Boost healing

As we know, protein is the main building property of human body. it plays significant role during recovery or healing process of a wound. In this case, we can get the benefits of dogs licking wounds as the dog’s saliva contain some beneficial protein which is able to stimulate the growth of new cell and boost the wound healing process. one of the proteins contained in dogs’ saliva is histatins.

  1. Stop bleeding

Saliva including dogs’ saliva contain tissue factor. The tissue factor promotes the blood clotting mechanism. This way, lick on new wound can help stop the bleeding. So that, dogs’ lick ca be a first aid treatment for new minor wound. In addition, the nitrate from dog’s saliva can instantly transform into nitric oxide which is more effective to protect minor wound from further infection.

Precautions of Dogs Licking Wounds

Besides the healing property, we should aware that animal saliva might be risky

dangerous microorganism, such as Staphylococcus intermedius and Habronema,   might be transmitted by dog saliva. Those dangerous micro-organisms can easily infect human from contact, especially contact with open wounds. 

Here are some of the health risk besides the benefits of dogs licking wounds:

  • Letting animal including dogs to lick open wound may transmit rabies if the dog is infected with rabies.
  • Some people might also show allergic reaction to dog’s lick. It is usually due to the protein in dogs’ saliva. Well, some people tend to be too sensitive with some kinds of protein.
  • A man with diabetes strongly recommended to avoid dog licking on his open wound. It is because Pasteurella dagmatis from the dog’s saliva might cause serious spinal infection.
  • Dog’s lick can transmit C. canimorsus which contribute to the acute renal failure or the fatal kidney failure.
  • Dogs lick on minor burn can cause septicemia and necrosis due to Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection, resulting in the loss of all her toes, fingers and a leg

Recommendations to Avoid the Risk of Dogs Licks

You should know that we can get the benefits of dogs licking wound only if we keep the good health and hygiene of the dogs. One of the recommendations you can do to avoid the risk of dogs’ licks is by making sure that you give hygiene food to your dog.

Only give the cooked food or the packed dog’s food you buy from reputable pet store such as Amazing Health Benefits of Kelp for Dogs. Besides, you should also make sure that your dog is always in a clean environment. Mind about the dog excretion and always keep it clean.

And one thing you cannot forget, regularly take your dog to vet. It is to make sure whether your dog is healthy and free from infection which may treat our life. Let the dog get regular vaccine from the vet. Not only safe for human, this health treatment will also keep the dog healthy.

Give the optimum treatment to your dog may also help, such as Amazing Benefits of Brushing Dog’s Hair or giving premium nutrition to your dog and get the Health Benefits of Consuming Fish oil for Dogs