12 Natural Health Benefits of Guava Leaves for Diabetes Treatments

When it comes to health benefits, the guava fruit receives a lot of attentions and praises for the goodness it brings to our body. How not? Guavas are a rich source of vitamins A and C, lycopene, potassium, as well as essential dietary fibres. Indeed, dengue patients are suggested to consume guava to regain their […]

10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Cherry for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a kind of disease which body can not produce enough hormone insulin for the body or even hormone insulin does not work well, so it will make blood sugar level has increased. Insulin itself is a blood sugar level. There are at least two kinds of diabetes, diabetes type 1 and diabetes type […]

18 Top Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Diabetes Treatments

You must be familiar with chia seeds. Perhaps you find it as a mixture and a complement of various cold drinks. Actually, you can add chia seeds to almost any kinds of foods and drinks such as barbecue sauces, rice, cold drinks, etc. Besides that you can eat them straight, eat the raw seeds, if […]

16 Incredible Jackfruit Benefits for Diabetes Prevention

As we know, diabetics have some problems with sugar and sweetness. But what do you think about jack fruit? Isn’t in sweet? So, how jackfruit can be beneficial for diabetics? Well, you may know jackfruit as sweet yellow fruit wrapped in spiky thick skin. However, do you know that the mature raw jackfruit is also […]

10 Health Benefits of Mango Leaves for Diabetes Treatment

Who knows, even mangoes leaves can be used as herbal medicines? Mangoes, everyone loves mangoes. I think there are none of people in this world would reject its sweet refreshing taste. Who does not loves mangoes? Even in tropical country it has quite expensive values, moreover in 4 seasons countries. Anyway, we are not going […]

4 Unknown Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate for Diabetics

Dark chocolate, it is named form how it is actually look like. Dark chocolate contains 60% of cacaos seeds. Dark chocolate is more black or darker than normal chocolate does, because its cacaos contains. Dark chocolate has bitter lingering feeling than normal chocolate does. Anyone, most likely, likes chocolates. They love its bitter sweet taste […]

17 Research-Based Health Benefits of Almonds for Diabetes

We have known almonds for a species of nut which go very well with many foods. It adds a delicious nutty taste to your stew and stir fries. It gives crunchy sensation in your salad. And the most people favorite, it adds delicacy to your dark chocolate. Not only amazingly delicious, almonds and dark chocolate […]

10 Health Benefits of Kale for Diabetes – Scientific Evidence

Diabetes is a disease that is affected by high blood sugar levels in the body. High blood sugar levels in the body can cause the need for insulin produced by the pancreas will also increase. However, the pancreas has a limited task to produce insulin so that if the sugar level is too high then […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Corn Rice #Top for Diabetic

Corn rice or empog rice is one of the Indonesia’s typical food that is based from mashed old corn. Corn rice is very familiar for the people who live in Java, especially Central Java, East Java, Flores, Sumbawa, and Timor Island. Actually, the reason of why corn rice is made is to replace the original […]

9 Health Benefits of Red Rice for Diabetics (No. 5 is Great!)

Diabetes is such the chronic disease which need a good treatment and prevention. This kind of disease can be cured by promoting the insulin levels in the body. Moreover, it has shown that the consumption of right and healthy foods may be valuable to treat diabetes. In this article, we will talk about the healthy […]