10 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Cherry for Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes is a kind of disease which body can not produce enough hormone insulin for the body or even hormone insulin does not work well, so it will make blood sugar level has increased. Insulin itself is a blood sugar level. There are at least two kinds of diabetes, diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2.

Diabetes type 1 happen when body does not produce hormone insulin at all. Diabetes type 2 happen when body can not produce enough hormone insulin or disability of hormone insulin to be used.

Symptom of Diabetes

  • The symptom of diabetes are often shown by some signs such as below:
  • Feel thirsty and want to drink much more
  • Feel hungry and eat much more
  • Often to take a pea
  • The decrease of weight
  • Eyes look blurr
  • There is  old wound that difficult to be healed
  • There are skin infection,urinary tract and gum
  • Pain in the hands and feet
  • The body feels weak
  • Easily to feel sleepy

Although the symptoms are appear in the patient of diabetes,but sometimes the patient of diabetes doesn’t have the symptoms . So the laboratory test is needed to make it sure if there is diabetes disease or not.

Everybody is able to be exposed diabetes disease. However the people who have their family members got diabetes disease on their life history have bigger chance to be infected diabetes disease, even 6 times as much. Except that, people who have overweight, high cholesterol, hypertension or lack of physical activities also have risk to be affected by diabetes disease.

Diabetes is disease that has a risk of death. Th patients of diabetes should visit the doctor to check up, so that they will get information about diabetes and its treatment, dietary regulation, exercise, the complication of drug or insulin that are used. The patients also need to check blood sugar and urine regularly.

Well, it is difficult to cure if people are  infected by diabetes. However, do you know that diabetes is able to cure by traditional medicine. One alternative that is believed has ability to cure diabetes is cherry leaves.

Leaves of Cherry for Diabetes Treatments 

The leaves of cherry that are useful to cure the diabetes disease called Kersen or talok. Kersen ( Muntingia Calabura L.) is a kind of tree who has small sweet fruit and its colour is red when it is ripe.

In the ancient time, The Dutch people called Kersen as Japenese Kers ( Japenese Cherry ), then Indonesian people called it as Kersen or Cherry.

Cherry also has other names such as baleci (Madura), Datiles, Aratiles, Manzanitas (Philippines), mat sam (Vietnamese), Khoom Somz, Takhob (Laos), Takhop Farang(Thailand), Krakhob Barang (Cambodia), Kerukup Siam (Malaysia), Capulin Blanco(Spanish), Jamaican Cherry, Panama Berri ataupun Singapore Cherry (Great Britain).

The leaves of cherry are located horizontal which the leaves are not symmetrical, alternate and have serrated edge. The edge of leaves are pointed and have light green colour. The leaves of cherry also have a good and useful compound content for the body. 

Their compound contents are such as:

1. Tanin

It is a secondary metabolite compound that has function to precipitate protein in order to be useful as antiseptic, gelatin detection reagents, proteins,alkaloids and others.

2. Flavonoids

It is a useful compound as an antioxidant and able to prevent the existence of cancer. In most cases, flavonoids also act as antibiotic that interfere the function of microorganism such as bacteria or viruses.

3. Saponin

It is a compound that has been detected in more than 90 plants. In the leaves of cherry, saponin  compound is very useful to decrease sugar  level in the patient of diabetes.  

The Cherry Leaves for The Patient of Diabetes

The leaves of cherry is useful to decrease sugar level in diabetics by using boiled water with cherry leaves.

The benefits has been practiced since the ancient time ago. Many scientists had been researched about the useful of cherry leaves for diabetes patient. The result of the research was stated that the leaves of Karsen contain saponin compound and flavonoids which has function as an antioxidant and they are able to secrete the insuline hormone needed by the body for sugar metabolism.

To take some health benefits of cherry for diabetic patients, you can make cherry leaves potion with the following steps:

  • Take about 5-10 old cherry leaves, wash them cleanly.
  • Boiled the cherry leaves with 3 glasses of water until remaining 1 glass only.
  • Serve warm or cold potion to drink.
  • Drink 3 glasses per day and per a glass every drinking regularly.
  • In addition, you can consume cherry leaves as a tea and make it as the following steps:
  • The leaves cherry may not be dried under the sun directly.
  • Cut the cherries with branches and hang them in the shade until they are wilted and dried by themselves.
  • You can brew every 10 sheets of cherry leaves with a glass of water.
  • Please drink it every morning and every afternoon to decrease sugar level and as antibiotic for diabetes patients.

Therefore, this is the information that we can explain about the useful of cherry leaves for diabetics. Hopefully this article about benefits of cherry for diabetic patients is useful!