Health Benefits of Jamu Kunyit Asam (#1 Indonesian Herbal Drink)

Have you ever heard about jamu? If you live around South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, maybe the answer is yes. But for you who never heard about jamu, let’s say that jamu is a kind of traditional tonic or herbal drink aid for health. Different jamu prepared with different natural ingredients for various health ailment. […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Ampalaya Leaves Tea Every Morning

Ampalaya is actually known more as bitter gourd or bitter melon. Click here to see further about the health benefits bitter melon fruit. It is a unique tropical plant that is recognized both as a vegetable as well as a fruit. The ampalaya is an adible part of the Momordica charantia plant. Although it is […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kompot

If you are in a country that has a cold or cool climate, then the health benefits of a kompot can be the best choice. The kompot is very nice served warm but also no problem if you really like cold drinks. The compound drink is very popular in countries that have cool or cold […]

30 Proven Health Benefits of Tamarind and Turmeric Drink

Tamarind and turmeric drink is one of the drinks that are very easy to be made and relatively safe to be consumed daily. The traditional potion that is made from South East Asia’s herbs not only have benefits for women but also for men. This is also good for those who wants to have a […]

16 Health Benefits of Palm Wine to The Body You Should Notice

Palm wine comes from the flower of coconut tree which has the sweet taste. Commonly, palm wine is used as the material of beverage and also used as natural drugs to maintain the body health. Palm wine has about 8 until 9 pHs. As for the nutritional substances contained in palm wine include: Sucrose as […]