8 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Bitter Leaf Juice

Bitter leaf is a common leaf in Africa which is used for cooking various dishes and delicacies. However, not everyone is aware of its health benefits, especially the one which is obtained from the bitter leaf juice. Drinking bitter leaf juice might not sound pleasant and be the fun thing to do, however, it gives […]

10 Secret Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Soup in Pregnancy

The various health benefits of bitter leaf soup in pregnancy can benefit to keep a healthy pregnant mother. Therefore, this is one of the must consume food while pregnant. Furthermore, pregnancy needs more concern and need to keep the various vitamins and minerals to consume. Hence, it is a main thing that needs to take […]

13 Health Benefits of African Bitter Leaf #1 Surprising

The efficacy of African leaves surely is not as popular as some other medicinal plant. But African leaves have made the world of herbal medicine rise up with a wide range of research. One of the countries that developed the research on the efficacy of African leaf is China. The origin of this plant is […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Karela Leaves – Super Potent

There a lot of hidden gem you probably don’t realize available in your back yard all the time in the form of herbal plants, fruit tree or just bushes. Among them are health benefits of karela leaves which have been well known as effective home remedy. Karela is fruit tree commonly found in Asia regions […]