13 Best Health Benefits of Frog Legs (No.11 is Excellent!)

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We know that seafood has the delicious taste and the great source of nutrients. Many people like to consume shrimp, salmon, clams, and other kinds of seafood as they want to get the benefits of seafood. But, how about to consume frog legs? Have you known that frog can be eaten as food? The answer said that frog legs are edible and has been used for consumption in French and Chinese cuisine. It is also being consumed in other countries including Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia as well. In Singapore cuisine, this food is usually stir-fried and being consumed with porridge.

Surprisingly, this food can give you the health benefits you may have never expected before. In this case, it becomes the healthy alternative to white meat like chicken as it has the lower level of calories. Then, to ensure what nutrition that frog legs provide to you, you can check the nutritional value of frog legs below.

Nutritional Value of Frog Legs

InformationAmount per 100g% Daily Value
Total Fat0.3 g0%
   Saturated Fat0.1 g0%
   Polyunsaturated Fat0.1 g
   Monounsaturated fat0.1 g
Cholesterol50 mg16%
Sodium58 mg2%
Potassium285 mg8%
Total Carbohydrate0 g0%
  Dietary Fiber0 g0%
  Sugar0 g
Protein16 g32%
Vitamin A  1%Vitamin B-12  6%Calcium  1%
Magnesium  5%Vitamin D  2%Iron  8%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


As the consequence, you have known that frog legs have the good nutrients in it. Thus, if you are curious about how frog legs bring benefits to you, then we have listed the health benefits of frog legs below.

1. Helps to Lose Weight

If you are looking for the healthy substitute to red meat and chicken, then frog legs can be the good option. At this point, a 100g serving of frog legs only gives you 0.3g of fat, compared to 3g in a similar serving of grilled chicken breast. This s very great for those who do the diet. You can control the fat intake by consuming frog legs. For the tips, to have the healthy diet, you can consume the green vegetables and fruits to fulfill the needs of vitamins and minerals as well.


2. Source of Protein

One of the health benefits of frog legs is to provide the source of protein. In this case, frog legs can give you 16g of protein by consuming a 100 g serving. As the consequence, protein is the major nutrient to promote the building muscle. It also helps in building the energy body. Not only for that, protein can regenerate broken cells with the new cells. Thus, if you are searching for the protein foods, then you can choose frog legs and beans for the healthy option.


3. Low in Calories

The reason why you should add frog legs to your meals is that it has the low-calorie level. For instance, one serving of 100g stir-fried frog legs will only give you 70 calories while a serving of chicken thigh has the 280 calories. This is very great for those who want to do a healthy diet. The low-calorie foods will bring many benefits such as reducing the risk of blood clots and helps to manage to weigh. Thus, as you consume frog legs, you don’t need to have any worries about having the high-calorie level in the body.

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4. Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In fact, frog legs have the source of omega-3 fatty acids which is great to promote the brain health. In this case, this kind of fatty acids is the one that promotes cognitive health. Not only for that these fatty acids help to improve the memory and prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s. Therefore, to achieve this benefit, you can consume healthy foods such as frog legs, mackerel, salmon, and another kind of seafood as well. Then, with the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, you will boost the healthy life for sure.


5. Source of Sodium

As the consequence, frog legs have the source of sodium. One serving of 100g frog legs will give you the 58g content of sodium. As a result, sodium has a role in promoting the muscle contraction and promote the fluid maintenance in the human body. Also, it helps to maintain the blood pressure as well. Thus, you need to consume an adequate amount of sodium by consuming frog legs. However, there is an important thing to know that it is better to cook frog legs without any addition of salt as it will improve the content of sodium. The high level of sodium in the body may lead to heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke.


6. Source of Potassium

One of the health benefits of frog legs is to promote the strong muscle. This is related to the presence of potassium in frog legs. In this case, one serving of 100g frog legs will give you 285mg of potassium. As a result, potassium takes part in lowering the blood pressure, promotes the mineral density, and helps to promote the strong muscle. Thus, it is recommended to consume potassium foods such as frog legs and lettuce to give you the positive result in the body.


7. Source of Iron

Next, frog legs have the ability to provide the iron source. As the consequence, iron is the one that has a role in bringing the oxygen to other body parts. It also helps to promote the brain function and boost the formation of hemoglobin. Indeed, iron has the major role in promoting the body function. Thus, consuming iron foods will bring the valuable benefits for sure. Then, you can add frog legs together with other iron foods such as red meat and beans. Otherwise, the lack of iron nutrients will lead to the risks of anemia.


8. Source of Magnesium

One of the great minerals that are contained in frog legs is the presence of magnesium nutrient. This nutrient has a role in promoting the enzymes function in the body. Moreover, it helps to promote the metabolism related to the enzyme reactions in the body. An adequate intake of magnesium foods will bring benefits to promote the cardiovascular system and bone health. Thus, you need to consume magnesium foods such as frog legs to achieve those excellent health benefits for sure.


9. Boosts Energy

Everyone needs to consume foods to get the energy. But, what kind of foods that will give us more energy? At this point, due to the presence of protein source in frog legs, then it brings the benefits to boost the energy. Moreover, the presence of valuable nutrients in frog legs will help you to promote the body function. Therefore, if you want to gain more energy, to do activities, then consuming frog legs will help you a lot.


10. Have Antibiotics Properties

Surprisingly, frog legs have the ability o provide the antibiotic properties. In this case, there are substances on the skin that attached to the frog meat to inhibit the growth of microbes. This benefit is very helpful to prevent the risk of diseases and infections. For instance, it helps to prevent the infections due to the presence of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Not only for that, a study brought by a team of researchers from the United Arab Emirates University stated that the substances in the skin on the meat of frogs can be valuable to be used as the antibiotic. Indeed, this one may surprise you but adding frog legs to your meal will just give you excellent benefits for sure.

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11. Treats Impotence

One of the great health benefits of frog legs is the way it treats impotence in men. It is known that the juice made from frog meat can give the positive results in treating impotence. Moreover, Peruvian people believe that frog juice can increase stamina and improve the libido as well. Hence, if you want to treat impotence and promote the sexual desire, then frog legs can be the one that helps you in this case.


12. Promotes Healthy Vision

As frog legs have the source of Vitamin A, then it takes part in maintaining the healthy vision. It has also shown that the presence of vitamin A will help to prevent macular degeneration and vision loss. For the tips, if you want to promote the healthy vision, it is recommended to add vegetables and fruits such as carrot as well. Then, with the good consumption of healthy foods, it will help you to achieve the healthier life.


13. Regulates Blood Flow

Due to the presence of iron content in frog legs, then it helps to regulate the blood flow. Indeed, iron is the major part that controls the regulation blood. Even, it will help to prevent anemia. Furthermore, with the benefit of iron and potassium, it will also help to promote the cardiovascular system and prevent the heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Indeed, as you consume frog legs, it has a role in providing you the benefits you may never have never expected before.


To conclude, frog legs can be your option for meals. You can fry and boil it as well. As a result, you will get such a delicious food with the excellent nutritional value as well. Then, as you consume healthy foods such as frog legs, then you will be just ready to achieve the healthy life for sure.