20 Health Benefits of Siberian Ginseng Root (No.11 is Secret)

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Ginseng is perennial plants which consist of several species. There are American ginseng, Japanese ginseng, Prince ginseng and Siberian ginseng. The plant is an ancient herbal plant that have been growth for centuries. It is also known for its health benefit to increasing energy by many of Asian people mainly in China.

Siberian ginseng root as one of the species is originated comes from China. Since many people understand the health benefit of it, some countries try to cultivated this plant. Korea is one of the country who cultivates it due to the high demand of ginseng in Asian market. Not to mention the needs in other counties, specially Amerika and Europe.

The plant needs many years to growth and able to harvested. It is believed that elder is the ginseng root, more benefit it can takes. The price also varies. An old Siberian ginseng root is more expensive compare with the young one. Hence there are some specific business that trade the expensive ginseng root due to its age. Furthermore, the way to cultivate it is quite difficult.

For those who want to cultivate this plant, several attentions shall be made:

  1. It takes long time to growth, not months, but years
  2. It takes a lot of expense
  3. The environment shall be suit, otherwise it can not growth
  4. A permit need to be made to growth it

Therefore, the plant is usually cultivating due to business reasons. It is not a simple herb that you can plant as you want on your backyard.

Nutritional Value of Siberian Ginseng Root

Below is the nutritional value of Siberian ginseng root (28gr):

  • Calories 106cal
  • Total Fat 2gr
  • Saturated Fat 2gr
  • Sodium 44mg
  • Carbohydrates 23gr
  • Dietary Fibers 6gr
  • Sugars 6gr

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

The list below is the health benefits of Siberian Ginseng root:

1. Increasing energy

It is known for centuries that Siberian ginseng root extract can help to increase the energy. Since it can improve the athletic condition, therefore many workers consume it daily for vitality as Benefits of Ginseng for Males. It helps to maintain energy level. Furthermore, it keeps the body in healthy condition.

2. Relief cold symptoms

In China, most people believing that ginseng working to reduce fever. It soothes the cold symptoms and flash out the mucus during influenza. Therefore, most family in China is like to cook a chicken feet soup containing ginseng and some Chinesse herb. It is lead to a fasten cure of cold. It is also believe that there is health benefits of chicken feet too.

3. Anti-inflammatory

A study in Korea mention that the root is having a capability of anti-inflammatory. It can soothe swelling and reduce the pain on the ache. This is the same capability as other herbs that works as an anti-inflammatory. Have a minute to check the health benefits of sorrel leaves.

4. Anti-bacteria

Some studies show that it has capability of anti-bacteria. It helps to avoid bacterial infection into our body. Due to the benefit of maintaining the energy level, therefore it stimulate the body to against bacteria attack.

5. Improve digestion

There is a benefit of a ginseng to improve the digestion system. It improves the body metabolism. Hence, if helps the digestive system to be more effective in absorbing nutrients.

6. Strengthen hair

Another health benefits of Siberian Ginseng root is to maintain a healthy hair. It makes the hair stronger. It is also stimulating the hair growth. Therefore, many hair products using the extract as a shampoo or conditioner. For more better result can be mix with vitamin C hair serum. There are many benefits of vitamin C for hair.

7. Reducing blood pressure

The ginseng root may work to lowering the blood pressure. As long as it given in normal doze. A caution shall be made in high dose. Since it gives effect to increase the blood pressure if use too many.

8. Reducing blood sugar

Several studies show that ginseng extract help to reducing the blood sugar level. Therefore, it is a good treatment for diabetic patient. Furthermore, it helps the patient to maintain the blood sugar level. This benefit is as the same with benefits of bitter gourd for diabetes.

9. Prevent rheumatic

The ginseng extract help to prevent rheumatic. It works to soothe the pain. Furthermore, it cures rheumatic arthritis. Therefore, it is a good treatment to relief arthritis symptoms.

10. Weight loss

There is a surprising benefit of weight loss of Siberian ginseng root. It can make the body metabolism working faster. Furthermore, it helps to reduce the fat inside the body. Due to the capability of absorbing only important nutrients and change the fat into an energy.

11. Treatment on Sexual Dysfunction

For many years, many man believe that the capability of increasing energy also works as treatment for sexual dysfunction. It regulates the blood flow inside the vessel. Therefore, it maintains a good reproduction system. Furthermore, it activates the brain system to provide a good reproduction hormone.

12. Treat insomnia

It helps to give a positive feeling. Furthermore, it reduces the stresses. Therefore, consuming a ginseng tea daily help to treat insomnia.

13. Anti-depressant

It has anti-depressant properties. Therefore, it is good to maintain the mind and feeling to be positive. The energy increasing when consuming the extract, help to contribute a positive activities.

14. Maintain the lung

Ginseng extract help to maintain lung healthy. Furthermore, it eliminates the bacteria in respiratory system. It helps to flush the mucus. Therefore, it is good for respiratory including lung treatment.

15. Good for kidney

The extract is helping to eliminate the toxin. Furthermore, it helps to maintain the kidney.

16. Improve memory

One of the benefit is to improve the brain function. It stimulates the nerve cells in the brain. Therefore, it optimize the cognitive of the brain.

17. Reduce fatigue

The capability of increasing energy help people to reduce fatigue. Hence, it is good to consume by people with high activities.

18. Maintain the lung

Ginseng extract help to maintain lung healthy. Furthermore, it eliminates the bacteria in respiratory system. It helps to flush the mucus. Therefore, it is good for respiratory including lung treatment.

19. Prevent cancer

Some mention it helps as anti-cancer. But this need further evidence and research.

20. PMS syndrome

The anti-depressant capability also helps to control the moods during PMS. Furthermore, it is reduce the abdominal pain and relief the PMS syndrome.

How to Use Siberian Ginseng Root

to get health benefits of Siberian Ginseng root, there are some ways to use Siberian Ginseng Root:

1. For Soup

For many centuries, the people of China is using their old recipes to making a ginseng soup. There are some recipes of ginseng soup. This one of the favorite recipe. It is also may be the easiest way.


  • Water
  • Seasoning
  • Ginseng extract
  • Chicken


  • Boil some water with chicken inside
  • Put seasoning including salt and pepper.
  • Add a ginseng extract.
  • Cook for 30 minutes
  • Finally, it ready to served

2. Siberian Ginseng Tea

This is also an easy way to consume the ginseng root. First, boil some water. Then put on some tea powder and ginseng root. Wait for 5 minutes. Finally, tea is ready to served. For some flavor you can add ginger or honey. There is also some health benefits of honey that suit to match with ginseng benefit.

3. Extract Capsule

Due to its benefit, many people interesting to use the ginseng extract. Therefore, many medical companies are making a ginseng extract capsule. This can be found in the medical store for easily. Furthermore, it is also can easily get in China drugstore.

Side Effects of Siberian Ginseng Root

Like many of the other herbal plant, this plant is considered safe to consume by everyone. But it does not mean that the plant has no effect. Therefore, some cautions shall be made. Below are some of the side effects of consuming the ginseng:

  1. Allergic Reactions
    For those who has history in allergic symptoms when consuming herbal plant, shall be taken careful attention with this plant. It can be caused some allergies such as itchiness, swollen or rash in the body. If the allergic happen, you can try to manage the allergic reaction. See some ways on managing allergy through health benefits of mucuna pruriens.
  2. Pregnant woman or breastfeeding woman is suggested to avoid consuming this extract. This plant might cause bleeding, therefore increase the risk of miscarriage. The extract also not recommended for babies. Therefore, breastfeeding woman is suggested to consult with the caregiver before consuming this product.
  3. The use of this extract together with medical prescription possibly to interfere each other. Hence, the use shall be consulted with the doctor first. To make sure that it is not bring a negative effect when used with other medicals.
  4. The dosage shall be controlled properly when consuming this extract. Due to over dosage can caused several effects such as diarrhea, bleeding, nausea, dizziness or dry mouth.
  5. Using the extract might be giving too much energy. Therefore, it can result restlessness effect on some peoples. Right after consuming the extract, the heart beat is automatically increased. The blood pressure is following then. Hence, it is recommended to use this product wisely as per needs.