20 Lists of Asian Fruits and Its Health Benefits You’ve Never Known

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One of the best things about Asia is its fruits because most of regions in Asia are tropical so most of their fruits would not available in Europe or America which relatively have colder climate. The unique thing about Asian fruits are some of them may look so strange for most European or American but you will be surprised how tasty tropical fruits could be especially when you enjoy them in the beach coast under the shades of coconut trees while summer is available all year around. The list of Asian fruits and its health benefits below may tell you which fruits you should put to your list to taste.

1. Pomelo

Well, there are many Health Benefits of Pomelo. Indeed, Pomelo is native to China but could be easily found in any regions of Asia because this fruit is available all year around especially in regions with tropical climate like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. It comes from citrus family with a lot of similarities with grapefruit like flavor, color and appearance but a bit bigger in size.

Just like any other citrus family, pomelo is an excellent source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and surprisingly high in potassium. It means, pomelo is a great source of antioxidants to fight free radicals that could act as natural immunity booster to accelerate healing process while potassium is good for cardiovascular health.

2. Jackfruit

You may never heard about Health Benefits of Jackfruits yet Jackfruit is originated from Southwest India though right now you could find jackfruit in every country in Asian region. The sticky texture of the fruit is totally worth it if compared to sweet taste of the ripe flesh of jackfruit. Ripe jackfruit is consumed as fresh fruit or mixed with beverages, the unripe jackfruit usually cooked into some traditional diseases in some countries in Asia while the seeds are boiled and consumed as snacks.

Jackfruit is rich of calories and carbohydrate as well as excellent source of certain vitamins like vitamin C and A that makes jackfruit an excellent source of antioxidants. As rich of carbohydrate, jackfruit could act as excellent energy booster while as the source of antioxidants; jackfruit could help you protecting yourself from free radicals that could be really harmful for your health. Well, you can also enjoy the Health Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds

3. Kecapi

Kecapi or Santol fruits have many Health Benefits of Santol Fruit. Kecapi is the local name widely used in Indonesia for wild mangoesteen or santol fruit. Kecapi is originated from Indochina but now commercially cultivated in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Though the appearance and the taste is similar to mangosteen but those two fruits are completely different and the main thing that distinguish them is the color.

Mangoesteen are well known from its dark red color while kecapi has pale yellow color. Though there is red variety of kecapi but its color is closer to ripe peach instead of mangoesteen. Kecapi is quite high in calories and excellent source of iron. Per 100 gram kecapi could fulfill up to 200% daily intake of iron. So, kecapi is a delicious solution to fight condition like anemia and other conditions caused by iron deficiency.

4. Wax Apples

One of the countries in Asia where you could enjoy eating wax apples all year around is Indonesia. In this country wax apples has local name as jambu air. It is not closely related to the other jambu which is widely known as guava and it is also completely different from apple you know from its genus up to its flavor. Wax apple of water apple have many benefits, if you don’t believe you may check Health Benefits of Water Apple

The only resemble is the color which is shining red though there are a lot of varieties of wax apples with different color from pink up to green. Wax apples are so rich of vitamin C and rich of water, so it is delicious snack during hot day. For the locals, wax apples are consumed to treat light fever and home remedy to diarrhea.

5. Lychee

Who wants to know about Health Benefits of Lychee ? Lychee is probably the most popular Asian fruits because its unique red color with sweet flesh inside inedible rough texture of its peel. Don’t mistaken lychees with other similar exotic fruits commonly found in Asia like rambutan, longan or matoa though its flavor is similar but each of them has different outside appearance.

Lychee is quite rich of calories so those who are currently in diet program is recommended to avoid lychee at all cost but lychee is rich of vitamin C, per 100 gram of lychee could fulfill around 119% of daily intake. It means, lychee could help you building a strong immunity system while the trace of protein in lychee is great for cell regeneration. That’s why lychee is also great for skin.

6. Rambutan

For those who are not really familiar with this fruit may found its appearance quite strange because the red skin is covered with spiny hair. However, don’t be fooled by its weird appearance because rambutan has sweet flesh inside that will make you beg for more. The name rambutan is derived from word rambut or hair in bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia from where this fruit is originated. Scientifically, there are many Health Benefits of Rambutan

Rambutan is loaded with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B complex and minerals like iron and manganese. Some studies have shown that rambutan is even able to fight deadly disease like cancer and heart disease. So, if somehow you could find this fruit in the market or the grocery nearby, don’t hesitate to have some especially during the season. Not only that, you can also surprised by Health Benefits of Rambutan Leaves

7. Durian

Just like rambutan, durian is also originated from Indonesia and Malaysia. The name durian is derived from Malay word duri which means spike. The most unique thing about durian is its strong aroma and not all people could stand with it but its aroma is nothing if compared to its unique flavor of the flesh.

Durian is very high in calories and fat, though it is also excellent source of potassium but it is not recommended to eat by those with heart condition, hypertension and high blood pressure because durian will only worsen the condition. Scientifically, there are many Benefits of Durian

Durian is also strongly forbidden for pregnant mother because it could lead to miscarriage or baby born prematurely. However, for those who are in healthy stage, durian is an exotic fruit that promotes healthier digestion and solution to anemia.

8. Asian Pear

Asian pear is originated from East Asia. Though the flavor is quite similar with the European variety but it contains more water so Asian pear is widely served as fresh fruit and cannot be made into jam or baked as the European variety.

The appearance of Asian pear is quite similar to apple but juicer with paler color. Asian pear is rich of vitamin C, dietary fiber and some minerals. Asian pear is great for digestion system and delicious solution to deal with constipation due to its high fiber and water content. As rich of antioxidants Asian fruit is type of fruit that excellent to fight cancer as well as prevent the harmful effects of free radicals.

9. Mangoesteen

Do you know that mangoesteen is also well known as the ‘queen of tropical fruit’? Do you know there are many  Health Benefits of Mangosteen Peel? It is because mangoesteen is packed with certain vitamins and minerals.

It has scientific name Garcinia mangostana and originated from Sunda Island, Indonesia though right now, mangoesteen is widely cultivated around the world including South West India and Puerto Rico.

Based on some research studies, mangoesteen contains excellent anti-cancer properties due to its powerful antioxidants contents. Furthermore, mangoesteen also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that are effective to treat tuberculosis. Yes, let’s check more about  Health Benefits of Mangosteen

10. Longan

 What is Health Benefits of Longan ? Surely you have been familiar with longan because this fruit is easily found in canned. Well, fresh longan is quite easy to be found in Asia since it is native to China and has been part of ancient Chinese herbal secret.

The flavor of longan is similar to lychee and rambutan but it has smaller size. The other name of longan is dragon eye. Longan is an excellent source of carbohydrate and longan contains quite high amount of vitamin C, per 100 gram of longan you could fulfill your daily intake of longan up to 101%. Furthermore, it is also rich of potassium that makes longan excellent fruit for cardiovascular health, anemia and depression.

11. Guava

Guava is probably one of the noticeable fruits around the world because this fruit is loaded with vitamin C and has been believed as excellent remedy to dengue fever. However, lesser people know that guava is actually one of the exotic fruits originated from Asia region. Then, it has many proven Health Benefits of Guava

The distinctive appearance which is green in outside and pink in the inside is not the only one why this fruit is very famous. Guava is excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C to promote healthy bones, improve vision and white cell productions. Vitamin C could act as powerful antioxidants that makes guava excellent home remedy to treat fever, cold and sore throat. Yes, let’s check more about Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

12. Lotus Fruit

Lotus fruit is one of the exotic fruits that even most Asian people don’t aware of. The strange appearance is not helping to increase your appetite toward this fruit but once you taste the edible seeds, you will beg for more.

Lotus is originated from India and it is well known as sacred lotus, so you could expect a lot of health benefits from its seeds. Lotus fruits are excellent source of certain minerals and contain some anti-aging properties to help fighting macular degeneration diseases in elderly.

Furthermore, for beauty sake, lotus fruits promote healthy cell regeneration for healthier and glowing skin. This thing has been well known as ancient time to be great for skin.

13. Sugar Apple

Similar to lotus fruit, the appearance of sugar apple is probably strange or weird for some people but behind that weird appearance you will be surprised how sweet and sugary the flesh of sugar apple is. It has no relation with common apple you know; instead it looks similar to artichoke. Also, it has many names and many Health Benefits of Sugar Apple

Most people said that the flavor of the flesh is similar to custard. Sugar apple is actually originated from tropical regions of America and brought by Spanish voyagers to Asia. Sugar apple is rich dietary fiber and vitamin C. This is one of the fruits recommended for those who are currently in weight gain program because it is excellent source of carbohydrate. The trace of iron found in sugar apple is also delicious solution for those who have problem with anemia.

14. Chinese Bayberry

Here are next list of Asian fruits and its health benefits. We will know that there are many Benefits of Bay Leaves Chinese bayberry has scientific name Myrica rubra or well known by locals as yangmei. It is native to China especially south-central China with more tropical climate. The appearance of Chinese bayberry is mouth-watering with brilliant red color and taste very sweet, though it is very small in size which is only around 1 – 2.5 cm.

There are some studies regarding this fruit and those studies showed Chinese bayberry is rich of polyphenols, one of the powerful antioxidants to help preventing the growth of cancer, strengthening immunity system and great for skin by promoting healthy cells regeneration. This fruit could be consumed raw, canned, fermented and even produced as alcohol beverages.

15. Star Fruit

The combination of bright yellow color of the flesh and star shape look, star fruit is one of the gems of Asian fruits because even the appearance of star fruit is mouth-watering. Native to Philippines and some of Sri Lanka regions, star fruit could easily grow in every tropical countries of Asia including Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The flavor is also unique with combination of sweet, tart and sour flavor make star fruit a perfect fruit to consume during hot day. Star fruit is excellent source of carbohydrate, vitamin C and dietary fiber. It contains a lot of water to help you fighting dehydration and promote healthier digestion.

Though it could act as energy booster but star fruit is quite low in calories, so it is perfect fruit for those who are currently in weight loss program and many proven Health Benefits of Starfruit

16. Pulasan

From the appearance of pulasan, most people will easily mistaken it with rambutan, even the flesh inside is similar to rambutan and lychee. However, when rambutan has distinctive feature of hair covering the peel and lychee has rough peel but with no hair, pulasan is quite in the middle.

It has short hair that makes it different from lychee but not as long as hair of rambutan. Pulasan is quite easy to be found in Southeast of Asia like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia but it is quite rare to be found outsides those regions. The taste is actually sweeter than rambutan and lychee, probably a bit closer to the taste of longan or matoa.

The amount of carbohydrate found in pulasan is quite high as well as fiber and protein. It means, pulasan is actually one of the fruits recommended for diabetic patients and those who want to lose some weight.

17. Kumquat

What is Health Benefits of Kumquats For those who love fruits from citrus family, kumquat is one of the fruits you should taste because it is very unique in appearance, just as big as olive, edible from skin to the flesh inside and very sweet. Kumquat is native to China and has been part of Chinese’ tradition since ancient time.

The name kumquat is derived from Cantonese which means ‘golden orange’. From the bright orange color you could guess that kumquat is very rich of vitamin C. Don’t underestimate by its tiny size because per 100 grams of kumquat you could fulfill up to 73% daily intake of vitamin C.

The fiber found in kumquat may help improving your bowel movement and promoting healthier digestive system.  Vitamin C helps in optimizing nutrient absorption and accelerating healing process.

18. Breadfruit

The name of breadfruit comes from the texture of the fruit which is similar to bread. Breadfruit is originated from Indonesia and New Guinea, breadfruit is also popular fruit in Hawaii. Breadfruit cannot be eaten raw; you need to cook it first to get the texture like freshly baked bread. Indeed, you may be shocking cause there are many Benefits of Breadfruit

From outside, people will easily mistake it with jackfruit because they actually come from the same family though breadfruit is rounder and smaller than average size of breadfruit. Do you know that per 100 gram of breadfruit, you could fulfill your need of carbohydrate up to 21%? That’s why breadfruit is excellent source energy booster and in some regions, breadfruit is also consumed as staple foods due to its delicious bread-like texture and nutrients. Well, let’s check out more list of Asian fruits and its health benefits.

19. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is like the gem of Asia because it is packed with nutrients that make this fruit a super fruit. There are two varieties of dragon fruit commonly found in Asia which distinguish by the color of the flesh, white and red to dark purple dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is excellent source of certain vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B complex that make this fruit an excellent source of antioxidants as well. Consuming it in daily basis could help people maintaining their cholesterol level and promoting healthy heart. Though the taste is quite sweet but dragon fruit is recommended fruit for diabetic patients while the antioxidants will help human body to fight the harmful free radicals. Well, let’s check this out Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

20. Matoa Fruit

Matoa is another fruit similar to rambutan, lychee, longan and pulasan but with much sweeter taste and more exotic apearance. Matoa is native to Papua region and even quite rare to be found outside that island.

It has scientific name Pometia pinnata that comes from family Sapindaceae, so it is closely related to maple and lychee. Some studies have been conducted to find out about nutrients packed in this exotic fruits and those studies showed that matoa fruit is rich of vitamin C and excellent source of antioxidants.

Matoa fruit is fruit that could help improving immunity system and great to fight cancer and at the same time could improve fertility as well and many more Health Benefits of Matoa Fruit

The list of Asian fruits and its health benefits above are only the small portion of Asian fruits because Asian is not only rich of its fauna but also rich of its flora. When it comes to Asian fruits, the list would be endless and some of them could be really exotics and even Asians don’t familiar with them. So, consider yourself lucky if somehow you could taste them all.