21 Different Types of Fruit Juice and Their Benefits

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Healthy living lifestyle is no longer just a lifestyle but a main goal for most of people who care with their life. Consuming healthy foods and doing regular exercises while avoiding activities that could be harmful for health are ways to reach the goal. In other words, what you eat and what you do are really matters. Different types of fruits juice and their benefits below may inspire you to reach your goal because what most people thought about healthy living is equal to plain diet is totally wrong because there are a lot of delicious fruit juice to enjoy in daily basis to help maintaining your health.

  1. Avocado Juice for Natural Energy Booster

One of the health benefits of avocado is for energy booster because the combination of fats and calories found in avocado are the reasons why this fruit is a natural energy booster. A glass of avocado juice is the morning is enough to give you energy to do activities up to before lunch. A glass of avocado juice for lunch is highly recommended for those who are currently in certain weight loss diet program but need fast energy booster. The fat contained in avocado is not something you should afraid of; because it is not unsaturated fat but instead the healthy one.

  1. Banana Juice for Weight Gain

While there are a lot of people out there who are striving to lose some weight, you are striving to gain more weight. A glass of banana juice everyday will give you all the benefits of banana for weight gain because banana is quite rich of calories to help adding more weight to your scale. Furthermore, banana could help optimizing the blood circulation for better body metabolism. Moreover, potassium found in banana also has important role in building muscle mass for ideal body shape.

  1. Pomegranate Juice for Pregnant Mother

Morning sickness during pregnancy is not something that easy to be dealt with. Pomegranate juice is excellent solution to fight this condition while at the same time give the mother enough nutrition for fetus development. One of the health benefits of pomegranate during pregnancy is because pomegranate is excellent source of iron to promote optimal production of red blood cells and also contains alkaloid to help minimizing anxiety and insomnia commonly suffered by mother during pregnancy.

  1. Watermelon Juice for Hydrated Body

Do you know that every time you bite the flesh of watermelon, along with the sugary taste, 92 percent of each bite is water? That’s why one of the health benefits of watermelon is for hydrated body. Most people just don’t know that hydrated body is the key to healthy metabolism. That’s why during recovery why people are needed to stay hydrated because dehydration could worsen the condition. That’s why a glass of watermelon juice during a hot summer day is a delicious way to fight dehydration. Furthermore, sugar found in watermelon will give you enough energy for whatever summer activities you love.

  1. Papaya Juice for Healthy Digestion

The benefits of papaya for healthy digestive track and fight digestion conditions are no longer a secret. All people have been proven how effective papaya is to deal with conditions like constipation and slow bowel movement. The reason why papaya is great for digestion is because it contains certain enzyme well known as papain. Papain is enzyme used during digestion process to promote healthy bowel movement for optimal nutrient absorption. Whenever you have problem with your stomach, just make a glass of papaya juice will solve the problem.

  1. Orange Juice for Immunity Booster

Orange is one of the fruit that is available all year around and could be found anywhere and anytime, that’s why a lot of people out there love orange juice so much. Though there are a lot of varieties from citrus family but orange is the famous one. Orange juice is one of the favorite beverages not only because it is so delicious but also because the health benefits of orange which is an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the powerful antioxidant to provide protection to human’s immunity system. Furthermore, vitamin C is essential compound to promote optimal absorption of iron.

  1. Lemon Juice to Fight Viral Infection

Besides orange, lemon is also one of the fruits from citrus family which juice is rich of vitamin C. Compared to orange juice, lemon juice is not recommended for those who have stomach problem but during recovery after a serious illness, lemon juice could help accelerating the recovery process. Furthermore, the health benefits of lemon water or juice to fight viral infection and prevent further infection have been proven scientifically. So whenever you feel ill, a glass of lemon juice or lemon water will do the magic.

  1. Kiwi Juice for Healthy and Radiant Skin

Do you want to know which fruit that could help rejuvenating and keeping the skin cells younger? Well, the health benefits of kiwi for skin is no longer a secret and totally the correct answer for that question because kiwi is super rich of vitamin C and vitamin E. You must have known that the combination of those two vitamins will turn into powerful antioxidant that prevents worst effect of free radicals as to skin cells oxidation. Vitamin C will make sure enough stock of collagen to keep skin firm and healthy while vitamin E will optimize the regeneration process of skin cells.

  1. Dragon Fruit Juice for Natural Detoxifier

Your body is required to be detoxified regularly. The function is to set your body to default again even you do that to your smartphone regularly and then why don’t you do that to your body as well? One of the health benefits of dragon fruit is as body’s natural detoxifier. It is because dragon fruit contains high fiber to help you eliminating unwanted and unnecessary stuff from your digestion while at the same time optimizing the function of kidney.

  1. Tomato Juice for Weight Loss

There are a lot of people out there who are willing to do anything just to see ideal weight in their scale. However, not all of them realize that to lose some weight, a glass of tomato juice in daily basis is enough to solve the problem. There are some reasons why weight loss is among the amazing tomato health benefits because this fruit contains zero fat, enough calories for doing daily activities and rich of fiber. Fiber will make you full faster and longer to help you cutting snacking time significantly.

  1. Apple Juice for Diabetic

Do you know that one of the health benefits of eating apple for breakfast is reducing the risk of diabetes? It is not just a statement but already proven scientifically. Those who are consuming a glass of apple juice in daily basis is likely able to avoid diabetes-related conditions. Furthermore, apple is also rich of fiber, especially in the skin, and you must have known that fiber could make you feel full longer, so you could manage your diet and sugar consumption. Additional tips, don’t peel the apple whenever you want to juice or eat it because it has a lot of nutrients for your body.

  1. Pineapple Juice for Cholesterol

Some studies have been conducted to see the connection of benefits of pineapple juice in reducing cholesterol. Those studies came up with positive result which is those who are drinking a glass of pineapple juice before meal are those with relatively normal cholesterol level compared to those who don’t. In other words, one of the health benefits of pineapple is as natural solution to manage cholesterol level in blood stream. So, for better cholesterol management, adding pineapple juice to your diet is highly recommended.

  1. Strawberry Juice for Your Heart

Scientific facts have stated that all berries are good for heart, including strawberry. A glass of strawberry juice per day could promote the health of cardiovascular condition. It is because strawberry is not only rich of vitamin C but also rich of potassium. All foods that are rich of potassium are great for heart because potassium will eliminate the excessive amount of sodium from your system so you don’t need to worry anymore about hypertension, blood pressure, cholesterol or any conditions that could be harmful for heart.

  1. Jackfruit Juice as Anti-Cancer

There are recent studies that stated that jackfruit contains certain organic compound that could act as anti-cancer. The flesh of jackfruit is super sweet but the nutrients contained are also super powerful. Antioxidants found in jackfruit could act as potent anti-cancer. Though further studies are required to proof that the connection is significant but still you could say that information about the fact that one the health benefits of jackfruit as anti-cancer is not something you could put aside.

  1. Dates Juice for Babies

After six months of exclusive breastfeeding, mothers will start to introduce the babies with solid foods and also flavors. It is important to train the children to learn about enjoying all kinds of foods flavors including sweet flavor. One of the health benefits of dates are dates juice is an excellent start to teach babies about sweet flavor while at the same time give their small body all the nutrients that required for their development. When babies are getting old, dates could be used to train them to eat as well by using them as finger foods.

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From the different types of fruit juice and their benefits, among them there are also vegetables that could do wonders to your healthy lifestyle like carrot and green been pepper. However, there is also trend among celebrities to drink juice made based on the color of fruits and vegetables. That is actually a great idea if somehow you are getting bored with the flavor of your avocado juice, you could add it with kiwi or even broccoli for better taste and even more nutrients. Happy Juicing!