23 Health Benefits of Overnight Oats (No.4 Shocking)

Choosing healthy breakfast is important thing we should do to cover all the activities and maintain brain function whole day. Having oatmeal on breakfast is one of best option that you may take. Oats are known as cereal grain or the seed of grass plant family. Oats plant belong to Poaceae, or Germinae family. Sometimes […]

Is Egg Good for Diabetic Patient ? (#Expert Review)

Egg mostly consumed for breakfast due to the high nutrients contained which is good to start the day. Egg is the source of energy that could help people being more energetic to do their daily activity. Besides that, egg has a lot of benefits for health. However, is it still good for patient with diabetes? […]

12 Scientific Health Benefits of Sea Cucumber (No.3 Amazing)

Sea cucumber, which has another name Stichopus Japonicus Selenka, Sea Slug, and Tripang, is one of the echinoderms that has leathery skin and an elongated skin. Like all other echinoderms, this sea cucumber also has an endoskeleton just under its skin. Sea cucumber played a very important role in sea ecosystem since it will help […]

20 Health Benefits of Phool Makhana (#1 Nut, Fox Nut)

Phool makahan which is also well known as fox nuts or lotus seeds has been proven to be high nutrients food which is rich of medical properties good for daily health diet. The nutrients contained are the super source for vitamin, mineral and fiber while the medical properties have been proven to be beneficial for […]

24 Scientific Health Benefits of Tuna (No.3 Amazing)

The nice taste of tuna, which is one of the most favorite fish in the market, is truly packed with numerous minerals and vitamins. You don’t need to eat it daily due to its mercury effect, but eating tuna in moderation can provide your body with its required essential nutrients. This fish is also fun […]

16 Health Benefits of Lobster (No.1 Shocking)

Who doesn’t know about lobster? Lobster is one kind of seafood which people love the most. It usually found in restaurant and market with high price. The hard outer shell of lobster hides the tender meat that has great flavor and benefits. Lobsters are now considered as high nutrition food with bunch of nutrients especially […]

28 Health Benefits of Arrowroot Powder (No.21 Amazing)

Arrowroot powder prepared from arrowroot that has been mashed. Arrowroot (Maranta arundinaceous) of the family Marantaceae. Arrowroot much cultivated in the Philippines, Caribbean, and South America to take the tuber, which is a producer of refined flour and easily digestible. Arrowroot powder is one of the best natural source of carbohydrates, easily digestible and easily mixed […]

21 Benefits of Egg Yolk for Beauty and Baby (# Proven)

It’s hard to believe that an egg yolk good for body. It’s been proven by a science. The egg yolk contains a chemical compound that body needed. Egg yolk been used to skin care for a long time. And it’s still effective. An egg yolk also has a function related to skin scuffled and promise […]