5 Splendid Health Benefits of Coconut Palm Sugar

Sugar is generally useful as a natural sweetener of food, which we usually know on any day. The most commonly used ones are the sugar cane, granulated sugar and the benefits of brown sugar but there are many other types of natural sugars that are useful as food sweeteners including corn sugar and palm sugar.  […]

37 Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery #Natural Antioxidant

Do you know something about jaggery? Maybe it is a unknown name for us. So what about brown sugar or palm sugar that has shape usually cube or spherical? Yup. That is jaggery. There are two types of food and beverage sweeteners or what we call sugar consumed by the people of Indonesia. Both types of […]

13 Health Benefits of Palm Sugar #1 Top Cancer Killer

Still in the theme about health, now we will discuss about health benefits of Nipa Palm. Nipa palm is some kind of palm tree that grow in brackish area which is influenced by flux and reflux, especially on estuary and on back of mangrove forest. This plant, nipa palm, have a lot of benefit for […]