Elaborating These 13 Health Benefits of Tamarind in Pregnancy

Numerous pregnant women fancy something tangy during their pregnancy and what is tangier than tamarind? Believe it or not, nothing. The sweet-sour taste of tamarind helps to satisfy the craving, yet in addition as an effective way to control queasiness or morning sickness. In any case, is it safe to devour tamarind during pregnancy? Does […]

11 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Rasam Soup for Body Wellness

People might not aware if there is a health benefits of rasam soup for various health condition. This is because the soup is original from South Indian country and might feel a little bit sour. This is because the base ingredients of the soup is tamarind and tomato. Therefore, the soup can categorize as sour […]

Health Benefits of Jamu Kunyit Asam (#1 Indonesian Herbal Drink)

Have you ever heard about jamu? If you live around South East Asia, particularly Indonesia, maybe the answer is yes. But for you who never heard about jamu, let’s say that jamu is a kind of traditional tonic or herbal drink aid for health. Different jamu prepared with different natural ingredients for various health ailment. […]

16 Best Benefits of Tamarind Tea for Overall Health Treatments

Rainy season is just perfect when we spend it with a glass of warm beverage. There are plenty of choices to have. Be it a coffee, tea, chocolate or herbal mixture. If you are having trouble in making a choice, you may choose a menu of a delicious and beneficial beverage to the body. It […]

30 Proven Health Benefits of Tamarind and Turmeric Drink

Tamarind and turmeric drink is one of the drinks that are very easy to be made and relatively safe to be consumed daily. The traditional potion that is made from South East Asia’s herbs not only have benefits for women but also for men. This is also good for those who wants to have a […]

35 Proven Health Benefits of Tamarind Water

Health benefits of tamarind water hasn’t been changed especially to treat some diseases like dysentery. Tamarind or we always call it with “asem” is a sour fruit. It has scientific name Tamarindus indica, this plant is usually used as ingredient of Indonesian foods. Tamarind includes to kingdom plantae. Commonly, it give sour taste to Indonesian […]

25 Secret Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind

Black velvet tamarind or Dialium Guineense Wild is also known as Nigerian velvet tamarind. It is a typical tamarind with black velvety hard shell, orange sticky pulp and flat circular brown seed. Compared to tamarind, this Nigerian tamarind has the sweeter sour taste. It can be freshly consumed, dried, or soaked into water and drink […]

35 Surprising Health Benefits of Tamarind Fruit

Tamarind is a plant with a pod-like fruit that is originated from Africa and has many uses in the modern-day world. The wood is used for woodworking, and the seeds can be extracted for its oil. The pulp from the fruit is used by many countries for culinary and medicinal purposes, and some even used […]