Health Benefits of Drinking Red Bush Tea – Secret from South Africa

Speaking of the choice of healthy beverage, tea is ‘always’ in the top of the list, especially herbal tea. Moreover, there are a lot of options of herbal tea you could choose based on your current need and they are not only healthy but also super tasty. Health benefits of drinking red bush tea have […]

10 Super Health Benefits of South African Rooibos Tea

For those of you lovers of tea, you should try the health benefits of South African rooibos tea. This tea is not an ordinary tea, but it is an herbal drink that has abundant benefits for your body. This drink is a favorite of many people, because in addition to its benefits, rooibos tea also […]

25 Benefits of Rooibos Tea for Health (Amazing Sources)

Rooibos, meaning red bush in South Afrikaans, is a native South African plant whose leaves are used primarily to make a herbal tea. It is also known as bush tea in South Africa or redbush tea in England. The plant itself originated from a mountainous area of a province in South Africa. The Rooibos scientific […]

12 Scientific Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea for Beauty Treatments

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is a member of Fabaceae family, and used for making herbal tea. Rooibos tea is also called “South African red tea”. This product is already popular throughout the world. Rooibos tree only grows in a small area in Cederberg Region, Western Cape, South Africa. The leaves are oxidised or fermented to get […]