10 Benefits of Indian Kino Tree For Diabetes

The benefits of Indian kino tree actually has been known since many years ago. As one of the best herbal remedy in India, this plant useful to deal with various symptoms specially for diabetes. Therefore, many Indian persons that find problems with their blood sugar content consume this herbal plant extract to help lower down […]

15 Health Benefits of Dried Moringa Leaves (The Miracle Tree)

There are a lot of natural ways to reach healthy living goal and recently a recent trend shows that some people are eager to learn about alternative way to deal with some health conditions. Moringa leaves are one of the herbal plants in the top of the list where people found beneficial for natural living […]

25 Benefits of Daisy Flower Extract for Health and Beauty

There are a lot of plants that share the name Daisy, but when people talk about daisy in common, they are referring to the Bellis Perennis. It is considered as the archetype of all daisy species, and commonly known as the common daisy, lawn daisy, or English daisy. Most people, especially in England, know it by […]

27 Health Benefits of Vanilla Extract (#1 Top Beauty Treatments)

Back to the history, since many years ago, vanilla has became flavoring for ice cream in Europe. In the same way, Spain also has added vanilla to chocolate sweets for centuries. Then, until now, vanilla is being produced as the main flavoring for cakes, desserts, and drinks. As we all have known, vanilla is being […]