35 Proven Health Benefits of Tamarind Water

Health benefits of tamarind water hasn’t been changed especially to treat some diseases like dysentery. Tamarind or we always call it with “asem” is a sour fruit. It has scientific name Tamarindus indica, this plant is usually used as ingredient of Indonesian foods. Tamarind includes to kingdom plantae. Commonly, it give sour taste to Indonesian […]

19 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Chilled Water

For you who lives at tropical area, drinking chilled water in the morning is felt so fresh. A glass of chilled water can satisfy your thirst when you just woke up. Chilled water is water that has temperature around 15 degree Celsius or water that was added 2-3 ice cubes. It isn’t water that was […]

14 Amazing Health Benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice

Maybe you don’t know about this herbal medicine, Tahitian Noni. Tahitian Noni is a herbal medicine that is made with natural material such as 89% Noni extract and 11% grape or blueberry. Some people is not familiar with Noni. In Indonesia, Noni (Latin name: Morinda citrofolia) is more famous with name Mengkudu. This fruit has […]

19 Super Health Benefits of Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola)

Antanan leaves is an original herbal from Asia and Australia. Antanan leaves has Latin Name, Centella Asiatica. In the world, this leave is famous with Gotu coa,. But in Indonesia, This leave has a lot of names such as Semanggen and Pegagan. Cantella Asiatica is many useful as vegetables in Indonesia. Besides that, this leave […]

13 Proven Health Benefits of Mistletoe Leaves

Mistletoe is a parasite plant that grow on another plant. This thing make mistletoe as a plant which doesn’t need media like soil and compost. It can stick on mango tree, apple tree or another wood tree that can sufficient mistletoe nutrition. We often misunderstand with this plant. Mistletoe is considered as troublesome plants that […]

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Passion Fruit (Nutrient Source)

Passion fruit has many color and the most famous of passion fruit is yellow passion fruit. Red passion fruit is one kind of passion fruit which its pulp is dark red or maroon and its taste is rather sour. Red passion fruit can adaptation and live at low highland with tropical climate. Red passion fruit […]

8 Great Health Benefits of Red Pomegranate #Top for Skin

Are you fans of fruits? If yes, you must know pomegranate. Pomegranate (punica granatum) is a fruit which come from Iran. Now, it is many cultivated in Mediterranean, china and southeast Asia. Its high is 5-8 meters. It is usually planted in soft soil that has less water content. Based on myth, ancient egyptian had […]

18 Unknown Health Benefits of Argan #1 Recommended

Argan fruit is come from Argan tree. It is the eldest tree in the world. Argan tree has latin name Arganua Spinoa. This tree has very important role for a balanced ecosystem. Argan tree has just growth in southwest Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir. This old tree is very famous with its strength to survive […]

26 Unknown Health Benefits of Wax Gourd

Wax Gourd is similar to papaya, if you looked it from outside. Papaya has many health benefits for our health, so does wax gourd. Before we know more about health benefits of wax gourd, we have to know what wax gourd is. Wax Gourd or we know with Kundur, is a fruit with Latin name […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Babaco That No One Knows

For people in Indonesia, a half of us don’t know about this fruit. We can’t find babaco because it is only grow on highlands. It is meant that babaco only grow on high area that has cold temperature or mountains. Babaco doesn’t have little health benefits for us, but there are many health benefits of […]