10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Fresh Mussels

Mussel is a kind of molluscan that many people in Indonesia love it. Mussel nutrients are similar to shell but its price is cheaper than shell. Mussel can be processed become many foods, like shell. But there are also people who did not love it because it is fishy and sometimes it has bad smell. […]

13 Unknown Health Benefits of Dog Meat (Pros and Cons)

There are many health benefits of eating dog meat, but no many people know about it. Today, dog meat is still became pro and contra because some people won’t to consume it. Behind that pro and cons, dog meat has many health benefits for our body. But not at all people know about that, so […]

13 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Pigs

Pork is a kind of meat that is very popular in west and east people especially non-Muslims. Because Islam avoid to consume this animal for Muslim. But, based on the research, there are health benefits of eating pig like beef. Pork texture is almost as same as beef. Because of that, some who never consume […]

12 Unexpected Kai Lan Vegetable Health Benefits

Kai Lan is is a kind of vegetables that have same species Brassica oleracea with brocolli and cauliflower. Kai Lan has thick, flat and glossy green leaves. It also has thick stem with many little flowers. There are many Kai Lan vegetable health benefits. We can find more it in many foods from Tionghoa or […]

10 Great Health Benefits of Tatsoi Greens #Proven

Do you know Tatsoi Green?It is an Asian variety of Brassica rapa grown for greens. Tatsoi Green is a bit foreign to Indonesian. It has little and thick textures. Its leaves are deep green, growing side by side and it is looked like cauliflower but it is smaller than that. Based on opinion from people, […]

17 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Buffalo Meat

Buffalo meat have many protein contents. It’s proven that if there is 19.2% of protein contents in cow meats, whereas there is 20.2 % in buffalo meats. The buffalo meats also contains of Vitamin B1 and fatty acid that very good for our healthiness. If you want to build braces and you love athletics, you […]

20 Health Benefits of Eating Bat Meats You Never Known

The bat meat is a kind of food from Manado Indonesia. The people consume it because it has health benefits for their healthiness and solve diseases. One of contents in bat meat is cloven that prevent asthma. Not only that, The animal who ate fruits also has many nutrient in its meat such as protein, […]

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Frog Meat

Based on the research, there are many health benefits of frog meat. So,what do you think when you hear “Frog”? Yes, many old people feel disgusted or scared with this amphibian. But it was different  with the children. The children is  usually like the frog because it has funny shape. It  like to jumping and […]

29 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Pigeon Meats

Do you know Pigeon? this animal is so beautiful, charm, smart, delicious and nutritious. The animal which belong to AVES and invertebrate classification can be found around the world. This beautiful bird has plump body with short neck and beak. The roles of pigeon in the world This bird has glory loyalty and dedication because […]

13 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Snake #Shocking

Between of All species snakes in the world, Cobra is a kind of snake which has dangerous venom. Especially, the part of its body which produced the venom. But the other part of Cobra has used for anything, like its blood. Beside that, meat of Cobra also have many benefits for our healthiness and now […]