18 Unknown Health Benefits of Argan #1 Recommended

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18 unknown health benefits of arganArgan fruit is come from Argan tree. It is the eldest tree in the world. Argan tree has latin name Arganua Spinoa. This tree has very important role for a balanced ecosystem. Argan tree has just growth in southwest Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir. This old tree is very famous with its strength to survive in extreme weather and dry area.

Argan tree is 150-200 year old. It has long root around 30 meters. Its root is used to strengthen land and its shady branch can hold hot weather in sahara desert. Another characteristic from Argan tree is 8-10 meters high. Its trunk is barbed and wrinkled.

Argan tree will blooming on April with little flower. Its flower has five yellow green sepals. Besides that, its pulp is very thick and its skin is bitter.

Argan fruit is usually processed to argan oil. Argan oil contains essential fatty acid, omega3, omega6 and alpha tecopherol that has a lot of vitamin E. Do you know that Argan oil has more benefits of vitamin E than benefits of olive oil.

Contains of Argan

Argan contains some contents that are good for us. These are the contents:

  • Calories : 70
  • Fat : 8 g
    • Saturated : 1 g
    • Polyunsaturated : 3 g
    • Monounsaturated : 3 g

Health Benefits of Argan :

  1. Argan fruit that was processed to oil has a lot of vitamin E, so it can make our skin younger, thigh and glowing.
  2. It is very effective to smooth skin and lose acne. It helps to lose acne scars, black spot and wound scars on skin. You may also read ways to prevent acne and ways how to get rid of acne fast.
  3. It can solve stubborn acnes, pull out blackheads, and make our skin softer.
  4. It has a lot of essential fat acid and sterol, so it is very good as natural moisturizer. It can be absorbed without make skin oily by skin.
  5. Triterpenoid in Argan is enough effective to protect our skin from dirt and scorching sunlight.
  6. For hair health, Argan can take care scalp and strength hair follicle. It can be used as anti dandruff. You may also read benefits of curry leaves for dandruff.
  7. Argan can solve brittle and easy to break nails.
  8. It can disguise and lose wound scars.
  9. If you used argan oil regularly, it can lose stretch mark after pregnancy. If you used it before pregnancy, it can avoid stretch mark during pregnancy. You may also read benefits of coconut oil during pregnancy. 
  10. Argan fruit can less triglyceride levels, so it can avoid cardiovascular disease.
  11. It can increase immune system from disease and infections because it has high anti oxidant. Argan fruit can prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer. You may also read how to prevent cancer naturally and list of medicinal plants used for cancer treatment.
  12. Argan fruit that is processed to oil can be used as insulin resistance in our body.
  13. If you used argan oil to your hair, you can say goodbye to your curly hair.
  14. Vitamin E in Argan is useful to heal broken hair.
  15. It can reduce panda eyes because you don’t sleep much.
  16. Argan oil can be skin moisturizer or skin treatment cream. It is better than another products.
  17. Argan oil absorb until root hair and it can increase strengthen hair. Not only that, Argan oil is very good for hair growth, too.
  18. Argan oil can stimulate strong and beautiful nail growth. 

Cautions of Argan

  1. Argan oil can cause a few health problems for some people. If you used argan oil on your skin, let it absorb and look for unusual occurences. If you see any irritation, you should discontinue to use this oil. Talk to a dermatologist to know why you are sensitive.
  2. The side effects of using argan oil are really rare. Some of these unusual occurences include rashes, excessive skin ithcness, allergic reactions, redness and even difficulty breathing. Sometimes, these side effects can be caused by using impure and low quality argan oil. To reduce the risk, you should look for a good product.
  3. You should get information about the origin of argan oil. Although argan oil can be expensive, don’t opt for a bargain. Commonly, unexpensive product will be made with cheap ingredients and another types of oils. If you have sensitive skin, It will cause irritation.

Those are some health benefits of argan for our body. Argan fruit that is processed to oil has many health benefits. That benefits are not only for your health, but your beautify, too. Hope this article is useful for us and it can add our knowledge, too.