19 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Chilled Water

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For you who lives at tropical area, drinking chilled water in the morning is felt so fresh. A glass of chilled water can satisfy your thirst when you just woke up.

Chilled water is water that has temperature around 15 degree Celsius or water that was added 2-3 ice cubes. It isn’t water that was saved one night in freezer. This is important for us to understand about it. So, there isn’t cause effect for our healthiness in the future.

What are health benefits of drinking chilled water for our body?

  1. A glass of chilled water when you just woke up

All of human organs need water to do metabolism. Sleep is a restoration processing after do activities for a long day. When we do many activities, we will take out many fluids. So that, you are recommended to consume chilled water when you just woke up. Chilled water in cool temperature will refresh our body, renew organs metabolism and all of our blood cells.

  1. Stabilize body temperature

Chilled water can reduce body temperature and change the lost fluids and electrolytes through sweating. This sweating can go out after do exercises or wake up (many people sweat a lot when they slept). A glass of chilled water will help to neutralize body high temperature. It will dehydrate artery and close pore. So, body heat will be less.

  1. After you do exercise

After we do exercises, our body temperature will increase. Based on American College of Sport Medicine, they recommend to consume chilled water when you do exercise or after you do exercise. So, it can change the lost body fluids when you do exercise. You should drink chilled water, but you don’t pass temperature limit that are allowed. Based on the research, chilled water will flow more fast in our stomach to intestines. So, intestines will absorb more quickly and help digestion system.

  1. Arrange body metabolism

When we do exercise, a half of organ activity especially heart and muscles will increase. Spontaneously, our body will take out sweating, so our temperature will be back to normal. Based on research Experimental Physiology said chilled water can increase water volume that was consumed, it can also reduce high body temperature when we do exercise. For the effect, heart rhythm will be low and stable. Our body will be more fit for a long time. You may also read health benefits of arugula for body metabolism.

  1. Make heart rhythms normal

Heart press blood to our whole body so hard. Water is very important in blood circulation. If you consumed chilled water, Your heart rhythms will be normal. You may alo read health benefits of mangosteen peel.

  1. Prevent headache and confusion

Less water will disturb bloodstream to brain. Blood will bring oxygen that were needed for brain activity. It will make someone confuse and get headache. A glass of chilled water will lose that pain.

  1. Weight Loss

Usually, we will be hungry after do exercise. When we eat, calorie will build in our body. If we drank chilled water, it will make us full and our necessity of calorie will be less, too. Less water in our body will reduce body metabolism.

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  1. Prevent Dehydration

Chilled water can increase water level in our body. It add the lost water level that through sweating after do activities for a long day. Body will prevent from dehydration. Vitals in our body will be protected. Chilled water will stabilize the lymphoid system, maximize fluids and body function in your day, strengthen immune system and prevent infection.

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  1. Increase Performance

Water will be important component in our bloodstream that flow oxygen and nutrient to our whole body. Chilled water will refresh tired body. This thing will increase someone performance.

  1. Prevent Muscle cramp

Less water in muscle tissue, can cause muscle cramp. Chilled water can change the lost water and mineral in our body. When we drink chilled water, you have to notice water temperature around 15 degree Celsius.

  1. Clean Intestines

If you drink water when your stomach was empty, it will pure your intestines, detoxification and intestines absorb food nutrient easily.

  1. Add blood and less blood viscosity

When our body was weak, we should drink a glass of chilled water to renew blood cells in our body and clean toxin in blood. Water in our body will less blood viscosity, too.

  1. Kidney Health

If you drank chilled water in the morning, it will help kidney function and take care kidney health. Urination will be fluent.

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  1. Water for Diet

Chilled water will force our body to burn more calories than usual. It helps us to burn calories without do exercises.

This growing technology, chilled water become an alternative. There are chilled water in everywhere. We only choose what we want. Of course, please consume chilled water accordingly to get health benefits of drinking chilled water.

Tips for drinking chilled water

There are some tips for drinking chilled water that you have to know.

  1. Watch out asphyxiate. After do exercise, you are recommended to drink chilled water (with special temperature). You should drink it bit by bit. If we drank it all at once, we will asphyxiate. If we felt headache, we must stop to drink chilled water and change it with warm water. Body absorbs chilled water faster than warm water that fit room temperature.
  2. Pregnant women may drink chilled water. Pregnant women may drink chilled water, but they don’t drink it too often. Chilled water will burn many calories or fat to increase temperature when process chilled water. So that, body will feel weak because there are many calories that were burnt.
  3. After your eat, body will be slow to absorb chilled water. Stomach and intestines absorb chilled water easily, so it is very good for refresh body’s energy, Chilled water that was drank after you eat, the fast metabolism will be slow to absorb foods.
  4. Chilled mineral water. You should consume mineral water than water that are cooked by yourself. Mineral water contents will be good for taking care body health. You only put mineral water in room temperature.
  5. Consuming chilled water. For stable metabolism, You should consume chilled water with its temperature around 15 degree Celsius. Or water that was given 2-3 ice cubes, not water that come from freezer.

Health benefits of drinking chilled water must be noticed. Don’t consume chilled water after you do exercise / sweat, sick or another complaints.