10 Incredible Health Benefits of Babaco That No One Knows

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For people in Indonesia, a half of us don’t know about this fruit. We can’t find babaco because it is only grow on highlands. It is meant that babaco only grow on high area that has cold temperature or mountains.

Babaco doesn’t have little health benefits for us, but there are many health benefits of babaco. So we can consume it for our health.

About Babaco

At first, this fruit was founded in America. In Indonesia, it only grow at Dieng Highland, Wonosobo, West Java. But some people have been found it in Bali.

Because of it only grow at Dieng Highland, we are difficult to get it and we are not easy to find it in Supermarket. The fruit that its body was looked like papaya, has many health benefits behind hard to find it.

Contains of Babaco

No more people know about health benefits of babaco for our health. They only know sour and fresh of babaco. Whereas, babaco contains a lot of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, papain and calsium that are useful for our body. Because of that, Babaco has many health benefits. These are 10 health benefits of babaco :

Health Benefits of Babaco

We can use babaco in many aspect of life. Let’s analyze one by one.

  1. Give business area

Indirecty, the fruit that only grew at highland give business area for people in that area. Babaco can be useful as foodstuff. It can become many foods such as jam, candy, syrup, chip and dodol.Wonosobo people make home industry to process babaco and sell it.

  1. As skin medicine

Babaco has advantage to treat skin disease. Based on Wonosobo people, Babaco in America is used for skin disease medicines. But in Wonosobo, there is no people processing it become medicine because they have not enough knowledge about that.

  1. As cosmetic and skin care

It is not only for skin medicine, babaco can build collagen in our body. So, this fruit can become material of cosmetic and skin care. Collagen from babaco can make our skin smoother and avoid from premature aging like wrinkle on face and body. If you consume babaco regularly, it will give you big effect for your skin. You may also read health benefits of pomegranate.

  1. Give freshness

Babaca that has been processed or not will give freshness for our body because its taste is so tasty. Babaco that has not been processed is not tastier than babaco that has been processed because its taste is sour. Most of people love babaca that has been processed.

  1. Launch Digestion

Same as another fruit, Babaco contains high vitamin C and fiber. They have advantage to launch digestion in our body. Wonosobo people eat raw babaco regularly as supplement to launch their digestion.

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  1. Clean intestines

Because babaco can launch digestion, it is meant babaco can clean intestines naturally. For intestines, babaco can lose bad bacteria because it can balance acidity or pH in our intestines.

  1. Make our eyes healthy

Babaco can make our eyes healthy because it contains vitamin A. Many people think that benefits of vitamin A is only in carrot, right? Babaco can become another supplement to change benefits of carrot, so our eyes will keep healthy. Especially for you who didn’t like carrot. You may also read benefits of cucumber for eyes.

  1. Lose nyctalopia

People in Wonosobo believed that babaco can lose nyctalopia. Because babaco contains vitamin A that can help nyctalopia sufferer step by step recover.

  1. Add metabolism

Babaco can add metabolism in our body. Fiber, vitamin and calcium contents help our body to have strong body and avoid from virus or bacteria. Especially there is vitamin B complex in babaco, too.

  1. Give warmth

In America, babaco has advantage to warmth their body. They process babaco to alcoholic beverage. They think, the tasty of alcoholic beverage from babaco is so tasty. But in Indonesia, of course, there is no body who process it to alcoholic beverages.

Babaco in Indonesia

Babaco often calls with “Pepaya Gunung”. Its tree is almost same with papaya. Its color is yellow, so does its pulp. That is making difference between babaco and papaya. Besides that, grain of babaco is smaller than grain of papaya, and it is slimmy, too. Babaco has thick latex and it must be cleaned three times before consuming or processing it. People in Wonosobo who process it use glove, so they didn’t get its latex. Becaue latex of babaco can cause itchy and irritation if we touched it.

Babaco product from Dieng highland has entered international market. We can see tree of babaco directly if we visited to Dieng. Besides that, we can see the way of babaco processing to many foods. For its side effects, there is no side effect until now. Except, they washed  this fruit unclean and make itchy your lips. But don’t worry, Wonosobo people have known how to wash this fruit well. The price of babaco is not expensive and very economic, if we remembered its great benefits.