13 Proven Health Benefits of Mistletoe Leaves

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Mistletoe is a parasite plant that grow on another plant. This thing make mistletoe as a plant which doesn’t need media like soil and compost. It can stick on mango tree, apple tree or another wood tree that can sufficient mistletoe nutrition.

We often misunderstand with this plant. Mistletoe is considered as troublesome plants that absorbed nutrients and make host plant death. But do you know that this plant has health benefits for us? Yes, based on research, this plant can cure some diseases. Mistletoe has Latin name Macrosolen Cochinchinensis. Since years ago in China, this plant has been used as herbal medicine for solving many diseases.

Contains of Mistletoe Leaves

Mistletoe leaves contains glycoprotein (lectins), alkaloids, peptides, polysaccharides, saponins, viscin (the active resin), potassium, phosphoric acid, mucilage, sugar, lignin, tannin, choline and vitamin C. All of these are very important for our healthiness.

So, what are health benefits of mistletoe leaves?

  1. Cure Cancer

In Europe, mistletoe especially its leaves has been used as medicine for cancer treatment. In this mistletoe leaves, there are some substances that can help to cure this dangerous disease. You should read ways how to prevent cancer naturally.

  1. Cure Epilepsy

Since 16th century, Europeans use this mistletoe as herbal medicine to cure neurological disorder such as epilepsy. Someone who has epilepsy, is difficult to control his body. So, he should use health benefits of mistletoe leaves to solve his disease. You may also read ways how to prevent epilepsy.

  1. Solve Snoring

Snoring doesn’t be felt for its sufferer, but it will disturb for a couple. It is proven that snoring is a symptom of serious disease in our body. For solving it, you can consume mistletoe. It can be tea and consumed regularly, so you get health benefits of mistletoe maximally.

  1. Decrease Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a dangerous disease source. Stroke or heart disease can be caused by high blood pressure. But you can solve it with mistletoe.

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  1. Cure Arthritis

Arthritis usually happen to elderly people. But sometime young people can get arthritis, too. Based on the research, mistletoe leaves contents can help to cure arthritis inflammation.

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  1. Solve abnormal heart rhythms

Abnormal heart rhythms can be a sign that our body suffer a serious disease. For solving it, some scientists recommend to use mistletoe as natural herbal medicine that has been used by Chinese since years ago.

  1. Launch Bloodstream

Smooth bloodstream will make our body health. Because there are many nutrients from food that we ate. That nutrients will be circulated to our whole body. Besides that, if your bloodstream was disturbed, your body will lose oxygen and get something that we don’t want it. This mistletoe leaves have some substances that can launch bloodstream to our whole body.

  1. As Headache medicine

Another health benefits of mistletoe leaves is curing headache. You can use mistletoe as headache medicine. You only make it as tea.

  1. Kill Tumor Cells

Mistletoe contains substances that can prevent tumor cells. That contents can kill tumor cells. If we let this tumor cells, it will be chronic cancer.

  1. Cure Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease which is caused by virus. If we let this hepatitis, it will cause liver cancer. This virus will damage and attack liver. Extract or tea of mistletoe leaves will help to cure kind of hepatitis. 

  1. Prevent miscarriage and bleeding during pregnancy

Once upon a time, mistletoe leaves was believed to prevent miscarriage. But it hasn’t been proven its truth. So, you should consult with your doctor if you want to use health benefits of mistletoe leaves as medicine to prevent bleeding during pregnancy.

  1. Strengthen bone and teeth

Besides mistletoe can cure many diseases, it can be useful for another healthiness, such as minerals in Mistletoe leaves can help to strengthen our bone and teeth.

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  1. Take back Heart and Kidney function

Do you wan your kidney and liver more healthy? Maybe you should start to consume mistletoe. Mistletoe contains some substances to clean toxin in liver and kidney. So that, liver and kidney will be clean and do their function normally.

Side Effect of mistletoe Leaves

Mistletoe leaves has many important benefits for our healthiness. But, we have to be careful with mistletoe leaves usage as herbal medicine. These are some side effects that will be caused by this parasite plant :

  • Mistletoe can cause diarrhea
  • In middle dose, mistletoe leaves can cause stomachache and dry mouth.
  • In middle measure, it can make stomach to bloat.
  • In rather high dose, mistletoe leaves can lose appetite.
  • In high dose, mistletoe leaves can cause death

Many people believed mistletoe leaves as herbal medicine. It has been used as ancient Chinese potions to cure many diseases. But we should remember, there aren’t many research about mistletoe leaves contents. If you got signs of toxicity after consuming mistletoe leaves too excess, you have to know this signs :

  • Headache
  • Seeing spots

Firstly you should consult to your doctor before consuming this mistletoe leaves.