12 Incredible Health Benefits of Lime for Uric Acid Treatments

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key limes benefitsPerhaps you have experienced a very severe pain in the foot area, especially the big toe accompanied by a red rash? If yes then maybe you have uric acid or also known as gout disease. This disease occurs due to the erosion of sodium present in the decaying veins and then causes arthritis. This disease will usually show symptoms within three to two days and will enter at its peak at the sixth day.

The causes of uric acid

The cause of the occurrence of uric acid is a high uric acid levels. uric acid is a substance that becomes waste from the activity of breaking purines in joints. The breakdown of uric acid actually occurs each day and then is discharged through the kidneys.

But sometimes this solution occurs too much to make the waste can not be discharged directly to the kidney but accumulate in the joint area in the form of sharp crystals. The buildup of uric acid crystals can occur years without being realized and consequently will be a disease of uric acid. This is why most uric acid sufferers are elderly parents.

There are several factors that make the risk of uric acid disease will be higher, including are as follows:

  • Have obesity or overweight
  • Uric acid disease is more inclined to attack the men who have entered in old age.
  • People who frequently eat foods containing high purines such as brain, liver, broth, kidney, heart, mackerel fish, heart, shells and sardines.
  • People who often consume alcoholic beverages and soda.
  • People with high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Patients with impaired kidney function so it can not get rid of uric acid optimally
  • People who have a family history that have experienced gout.

The sufferers of uric acid disease are mostly male compared with women. This is not because of the hormone estrogen in women who can reduce levels of purine in the joints because it wasted through the urine more. So,, men should start paying attention to food intake since early.

To be sure whether you have gout disease or not especially after experiencing the symptoms of uric acid, then you should immediately see a doctor to get the right and fast treatment. In doing diagnosis of gout, doctors usually check whether there is a sharp cation of sodium crystal inside the joint area.

You may also perform a series of tests to see if you have gout. There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Lotus Seed, and the Health benefits of Honey for Healthy Heart.

But before the test, usually the doctor will ask some things like the following:

  • Where is the painful joint location
  • How sick and how fast the frequency of pain is coming
  • Symptoms that are felt are often the case
  • Is there any other disease you are suffering from?
  • Is there a family history of gout disease?

If the doctor asks that or some other question you should answer it properly as it is because this is for the proper diagnosis process so that the treatment will be more optimal for you. Here’s the benefits of lime for uric acid:

1. Prevent Uric Acid Disease

Uric acid disease is very dangerous for the body and certainly can disrupt your daily activities if left alone. Therefore for those of you who have not experienced gout disease should do prevention and for those of you who already suffer from uric acid then you must prevent the uric acid becomes not severe.

The best way to prevent gout is to avoid foods that cause gout. Foods that cause uric acid are foods that contain high purine substances.  

The following are foods that contain high purine substances: 

  • Seafood such as clams, crabs, fish eggs, several types of fish and shrimp
  • Animal innards such as liver, heart, brain, ampela, and kidney
  • Fish containing oils such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies
  • Some types of game animals such as wild chickens, rabbits and deer
  1. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages

What’s more health benefits of lime for uric acid? If anyone says alcohol or liquor is not good for the body then it is not just a mere issue but true. The production of uric acid in the liver will increase if too often consume alcohol. It will also be aggravated alcohol can reduce the amount of purine to be thrown through the urine so that the buildup of sodium crystals in the joints will be more and this will certainly aggravate uric acid.

There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Japanese Yam for Health, and the Health benefits of Purple Yams.

The liquor that is known to contain high purines is mainly in the type of beer, or black beer, after which is followed by whiskey and vodka. But for champagne and wine is widely known that its purine content can still be tolerated as long as the consumption is still reasonable. 

  1. Simply drink water

Make sure you consume water in sufficient levels because in addition to avoiding you from dehydration of water. It will also make the purine is wasted through the urine more and more. Currently it is advisable to consume 8 glasses of water per day but the needs of one person with another may be less or more. So if you are thirsty just drink and do not delay it unless you are in fasting period.

4. Do sport regularly

There is a tendency that most people with gout are obese or fat. Therefore you should keep your weight diligently by doing sports. Also do not consume foods that contain high protein so there are high purines as well. Sports that do not need a fairly light weight just like jogging or gymnastics as long as done regularly.

  1. Cure uric acid with lemon

You must be familiar with not the citrus fruit? Yes round fruit with various skin colors are green and orange. This was also good to cure uric acid. It is especially present in the lime. Why is that? According to a study conducted that lemon has a high vitamin C content in which vitamin C is able to improve kidney performance so that purine levels are wasted through the urine will also increase.

There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health plus it also contain vitamin C, such as the Health benefits of Pineapple for our body, and the Health benefits of Ginger Root Tea.

How to serve lemon as a drug uric acid is very easy because it is only squeezed and used as a drink and consume the water as much as three times a day on a regular basis so that the results are more optimal. Lime is very easy to find because in Indonesia itself there are many people who plant it so the source is abundant with a fairly affordable price.

How to cope with gout can also be done by using other food sources that contain high vitamin C. In the treatment by the doctors, they may also recommend you to take vitamin C supplements so that the results more quickly and optimally. But keep in mind that the use of vitamin C supplements should be done in accordance with the correct dosage. In general, the recommended dose for uric acid sufferers is as much as 500 mg per day.

It should be remembered that the use of vitamin C supplements should really get a recommendation from a doctor because if it is not possible there you have other health problems that would not allow you to consume a lot of vitamin C. If this happens then it could cause other health problems more serious .

These all the reviews about the health benefits of lime for uric acid disease. Hope the information will be useful.