12 Health Benefits of Celery for Uric Disease (Herbal Treatments)

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CeleryCelery is one of the plants that can grow in the lowlands as well as in the highlands are commonly used as a complement to cooking. Celery has the name Apium Graveolens and in some countries it is called parsley, celery, selinon and some other names. How to cultivate the celery is also easy cikup, ie by planting the seeds or can be done also by removing the plants from celery celestial plants.

Although usually only used as an additional complement of food, but celery is known as one type of vegetable that has a nutritious content to treat the disease. One of the diseases that can be treated with celery leaves is uric acid disease.

Content in Celery Leaves

Celery leaves can be scientifically used as one of uric acid drug because it contains some of the following substances:

  • Flavonoids
  • Apiol
  • Apiin
  • Glycosides
  • Vitamins A, B1 and C
  • Iron
  • Phosphor
  • Calcium

From some of these content, the content of glycosides in celery leaves efficacious to overcome and help curing the problem of joints and gout effectively.

How to Overcome Uric Acid with Celery?

To use celery as a medicine for uric acid, there are several ways to process it, including the health benefits of celery for uric disease:

  1. Consumed directly

The easiest way to use celery to treat gout is by consuming celery directly as fresh vegetables. The fresh taste of celery leaves makes some people eat them raw in raw materials like basil.

  1. Celery Seeds Stew

Not only celery leaves that can cope with gout disease, but also the seeds of celery can also stewed or boiled to cure gout. You can do it by boiling 1 spoon of celery into 3 glasses of water. After boiling water, wait until boiling water celery seeds remaining only 1 cup only. Strain the celery seeds and wait until they can be consumed. Try to consume the stew of celery seeds regularly 2 to 3 times a day.

  1. Boiling the Celery Leaf

If the tongue can not receive celery leaves for vegetables, you can consume the celery leaves by boiling. Just need to boil around a bunch of celery leaves in 3 cups water to boiling. Just as with celery seeds, wait for the stew of celery leaves and leave only 1 glass of water.

Raise the leaves of celery water leaves that have been left 1 cup and filter the water. Wait until it is cool enough so it can be drink or consumed. For optimal results, drink 3 cups a day on a regular basis. There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Cinnamon, and the Health benefits of Petai Beans

  1. Celery juice

There are more health benefits of celery for uric disease. In addition to making celery leaves as fresh vegetables and celery stew, celery leaves can also be consumed by making it as a juice. In order not to reduce the content and any ingredients of celery, make celery may be in try. Wash clean a bunch of celery leaves and cut in 6 parts then enter the blender greeting.

To add the taste of celery leaves for a little sweet can be added honey. Consuming celery juice every day can overcome the disease of uric acid suffered by the patient of uric acid.

Do prevention and treatment to treat gout disease, because the pain caused when it is too severe can make the patient or people with this disease is very mentally disturbed. In addition to consuming celery leaves for the treatment of uric acid, do sports in a routine for healthy bone health is maintained.

Maintain a healthy diet and try not to consume foods that can cause illness of uric acid suffered severe more on another. Uric acid disease is a very unique disease which has special symptoms, and also need special treatment to be able to make a chance to reduce its occurrence.

There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health such as the Health benefits of Waterleaf , and the Health benefits of Bay Leaves.

Healthy tips when consuming celery?

When you wanna purchase fresh celery from market choose only celery with fresh leaves, straight and rigid stalks. Celery has fresh scent so avoid to purchase when you found the leaves turn into yellow and smell  rotten also avoid to pick woody stalks celery.

After purchasing fresh celery, you should keep it in refrigerator.

If you use some amount of celery and still have left lover celery, wrap it in plastic bag or in a airtight container which made from plastic. Don’t put celery in freezer. Freezing celery will make it wilt, plus it’ll reduce the quality, taste, and freshness, of the celery.

If you purchasing a packaged celery don’t forget to watch at the “Best if used by” or “Best by” date on the it.

As we know that celery can be eaten raw or cooked. It can be consumed plain as snack and appetizer. We can also add it on pasta, salad, soup, rice and any other dish that match to it. It can also be processed into other type of stew or another type of dishes that can help give health benefits.

There is also another alternatives of another ingredients that probably has similar effects and can give additional benefits for our Health mainly for Cancer disease such as the Health benefits of Soursop for Cancer, and the Health benefits of Pomegranate for Cancer disease.

You can enjoy celery stalk which contain high fiber by dipping it into peanut butter or other low fat dipping.

Before consume celery, make sure you clean it well. Rinse it under water flow and must keep in mid that to keep celery away from raw meat, poultry or seafood in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination of bacteria.

To keep the aroma and flavor of fresh celery, chop the celery and add it to your dish just 5 minutes before cooking process done