17 Impressing Health Benefits of Taro for Skin Health

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Taro or commonly referred to as Talas Bogor is one of the food that much favored by the people of Indonesia and maybe you are one of them, scientifically taro has a scientific name Colocasia esculenta L. Unlike the type of other yam species, Taro is one of the leafy plants that you meet in many areas of West Java, especially in Bogor.

As for the characteristics of taro plant, taro plant has a height of about 0.4m to 1.5m. The leaves of taro plants are different from other plant species, taro leaves tend to be wide and large with green stalks and dark green stripes to purplish, the bigger and bigger the leaves the larger the sweet potatoes.

The taro flower is located inside the cocks of the leaf’s armpit with the stalk along the 15cm to 60cm. Besides utilized tubers, Taro can also be used as a vegetable material, especially the leaf stalks. And for those of you who like the Taro, it turns out taro has a lot of good nutrition for your body. In addition to the high carbohydrates as for various nutrients on taro , so taro is often used as a substitute for staple foods such as rice. For those of you who are curious with any nutritional content on taro, the following details.

The content of Taro Nutrition

  • Polyphenols
  • Villose
  • Saponin
  • Fiber
  • Carbohydrate
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Vitamins A and C
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor

The amount of content on Taro above makes this one more and more popular. The taste of taro itself is very unique and different from other types of sweet potatoes, it tends to be tasteless and slightly tasty. Even so, there are still many people use it as food and make it as the basic ingredients of various traditional menu. As for one of the traditional snacks made from Taro and until now there are still had so many fans.

Taro chips has different shape than any other fruit. It has the shape is like a stick but shorter with salty taste and savory. But over time, snacks taro chips not only have salty taste. There are innovations about the flavor of taro chips, you can find in the market, taro chip’s various kinds of flavors such as sweet, sweet spicy, cheese, mayonnaise, salty spicy, BBQ, and many more. Also related to the number of existing nutrients, taro is also very useful for health and beauty.

Here are the benefits of Taro for skin health:

1. Excellent to treat Dry Skin

Taro is really good to treat skin disease and skin symptom such as dry and cracked skin.

2. Brighten the Skin

For those of you who want to have bright and shiny skin, you can consume taro regularly.

3. Softens the Skin

Having a soft and healthy skin is one of the supporters of your beautiful appearance, to make it happen you can make it happen by consuming taro .

4. Tighten the Skin

Not only look youthful, for those of you who have slightly sagging skin can overcome by consuming taro regularly to your skin more toned. 

More Advantages of Taro for Overall Health

After knowing the benefits of Taro for skin health, here are more explanation:

1. Helps Prevent cancer

Taro is also has a very good antioxidant content to prevent cancer, especially cancer of cervix, colon cancer, and breast cancer. There is also some ingredient that also helps prevents the cancer disease, like the Health benefits of Soursop for Cancer and the Health Benefits of Pomegranate for Cancer Natural Prevention.

2. Act as a cure for Diabetes

For those of you who have a history of diabetes, you can cure and reduce the chance of diabeters by taking or consuming Taro regularly.

3. Maintaining Eye Health

Taro is very useful for those of you who want to keep your eye health. Since the eye is one of the most important sense of our body, it is very crucial to keep it in a good condition, and Taro can help this process going.

4. Improve the Immune System

If you consume Taro regularly, you can increase the body’s immune system so you are not easier to caught various diseases.

5. Maintaining Skin Health

Nutrient content available in taro is very good for maintaining your skin health, but it is also able to nourish your skin well.

6. Maintaining Heart Health

Taro is very good for those of you who want to have a healthy heart and strong so as not easily affected by the disorder or disease.

7. Helps cure Anemia disease

The iron content in taro is very good for those of you who often experience, besides can overcome the anemia taro is also very good to prevent the occurrence of anemia symptoms. There is also some alternatives of ingredients to help our body reduces the chance of anemia symptoms, such as the Health benefits of Red Dragon Fruits and the Health benefits of Ampalaya Leaves.

8. Help reduce exhausted muscles and fatigue

In addition to reduce the chance of anemia, Taro can also cope with fatigue because the high content of calories and good carbohydrates.

9. Reduce Premature Aging Process

By consuming taro regularly, the nutritional content helps the regeneration of body cells and skin faster so as to inhibit premature aging.

10. Help clear digestion system

Fiber content on taro is very good for those of you who often experience difficult bowel movements or constipation, so that your digestion will be more smoothly.

11. Troubleshooting the Intestines

Not only the digestive course, taro is also able to reduce the symptom and problem of the intestine, especially the small intestine.

12. Cure Muscle Pain and Joints

Taro also able to overcome the pain of muscles and joints that you often experience.

13. Reduce the chance of Diarrhea

Nutritional content of taro also able to treat and overcome the diarrhea that you experience. There is also some alternatives of ingredients to help our body reduces the chance of diarrhea symptoms, such as the Health benefits of Hibiscus Tea and the Health benefits of Muira Puama.


That is the most important benefits of taro that we can convey and different if you see the benefits of turmeric acid, hopefully the above information can be useful and increase your insight.