12 Incredible Health Benefits of Lime for Uric Acid Treatments

Perhaps you have experienced a very severe pain in the foot area, especially the big toe accompanied by a red rash? If yes then maybe you have uric acid or also known as gout disease. This disease occurs due to the erosion of sodium present in the decaying veins and then causes arthritis. This disease […]

12 Health Benefits of Celery for Uric Disease (Herbal Treatments)

Celery is one of the plants that can grow in the lowlands as well as in the highlands are commonly used as a complement to cooking. Celery has the name Apium Graveolens and in some countries it is called parsley, celery, selinon and some other names. How to cultivate the celery is also easy cikup, […]

Powerful Benefits of Tomatoes for Uric Acid (Natural Prevention)

Tomato can basically be categorized as a kind of fruits and vegetables. Besides, tomatoes are also very rich in vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Other substances such as carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and protein can also be found in tomatoes. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether tomato is fruit or […]