9 Proven Health Benefits of Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

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Watermelon, known as a refreshing fruit that it seeds are perfectly safe to be eaten. It seeds are not only safe but contained much of nutrients with the details or you can read health benefits of watermelon seeds:

The Nutrition Content of Watermelon Seeds: 

  • There are 600 calories in 100 gram of watermelon seeds.
  • Fat of watermelon seeds provide 400 calories. The fat level in 100 gram of watermelon seeds is around 80% of our daily fat.
  • In 1/3 of watermelon seeds, there are proteins and the most essential protein contained in watermelon seeds is nisin.
  • Thiamine, niacin and folic are source of vitamin B that contained in watermelon seeds.
  • In 100 gram of watermelon seeds there are mineral like magnesium (139%), manganese (87%), phosphor (82%), zinc (74%), iron (44%), potassium (20%) and copper (37%) among our daily mineral intake.
  • Iron, potassium, vitamin, fat and calorie are important for our body those nutrients contained in watermelon seeds.

The seeds are best when you allow them to sprout. Protein contained you can get when you soak them overnight then sit them for 2-3 days. The seeds will sprout which at one point you can dry them in the sun or on a dehydrator. The seeds of watermelon are edible and these are The Health Benefits of Sprouted Watermelon Seeds:

  1. Promotes Heart Health

Nutrient zinc contained in seeds of watermelon is having a role in heart health. Zinc will regulate the way calcium moves to heart cell. It is important to regulate calcium in heart cell, because excessive calcium levels can lead to heart failure. So, that is why sprouted watermelon is important to promote heart health. Or you can read benefits of garlic for your healthy heart.

  1. Strengthen the Immune System

Watermelon seeds are packed with iron and vitamin B which can enhance immune function. Except those two nutrients, there is magnesium that has been proven related to immune system. Another study prove, magnesium deficiency is also related to impaired immune function.

  1. Improves Male Fertility

Nutrient contained in the seeds that is important for the male reproductive system is zinc. It is according to Chinese study, zinc has a significantly benefit to enhance sperm quality of infertile men.

Certain carotenoid in watermelon seeds also will increase sperm production. It will boost the chances for couples who are trying to get pregnant.

  1. Aids Diabetes Treatment

Watermelon seeds have positive effects on glycogen stores which is aids diabetes treatment, based on Iranian study. A study from International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences also talked about watermelon seeds that might prevent type 2 diabetes because of omega-6 fatty acids contained. Or you can read health benefits of okra for diabetes.

  1. Improve Brain Health

Our memory in brain will improve because of magnesium. Based on American study, this magnesium also even acceleration of learning, except its benefit to improve memory. Lower of zinc level can cause some brain diseases such as Wilson’s disease and Pick’s disease. Or you can read benefits of oxygen.

  1. Enhance Digestive Health

Magnesium contained in watermelon seeds will improve enzymes that has been used to absorb nutrients in the body. It also helps to produce energy in digestion system. Except it, zinc also related to digestive disorder and it contained in this seed. It will avoid us from a disease such as diarrhea, which is one of the diseases that may affects us because of zinc deficiency.

  1. Cleanse Skin and Improve Skin Health

Magnesium is also help to improve skin’s overall appearance. Deficiency of magnesium can be the reason of skin allergies like eczema and create histamines that makes itchy skin.

Inflammation and dry skin which is related to fatty acid in the skin is also because of low levels of magnesium. Those are why magnesium contained in seeds of watermelon is important for skin.

  1. Slow Down Aging

The Health Benefit of Sprouted Watermelon Seeds will you can get because of zinc. Zinc, plays a role to slow down aging because it related to protein synthesis, cell division and cellular repair. So, it has been proven by study that seeds of watermelon can slow down aging. Or you can read health benefits of vitamin e.

  1. Strengthen Hair

Magnesium contained in seeds also plays a role in preventing hair breakage and strengthening hair. Certain studies prove that low levels of magnesium could accelerate hair loss. Adequate magnesium you consume can preserve your tresses. Or you can read benefits of apple for hair.

How to Sprout Watermelon Seeds?

To sprout the watermelon seeds in order to get The Health Benefits of Sprouted Watermelon Seeds, you can follow this:

  1. Plant the watermelon seeds in peat pots for three to four weeks before the last frost date in the area. You can transport the seedlings into the ground, when the risks of frost have passed.
  2. For the best result you can boost soil’s fertility by use 3 pounds of 5-10-10 fertilizer in every 100 square feet of planting space of the seeds.
  3. It can also help by boosting the temperature. If the soil warmer, the germination goes faster. They take about 10 days to germinate in 70o F, but just 3 days in 90o F.
  4. Use a heating pad, if you are indoors in order to increase the temperature. Otherwise, you can lay a black plastic mulch over the planting site, which can absorb the sunlight more and it will increase the soil temperature.
  5. Make sure that the seeds not too deep planted. You can at a depth of ½ to 1 inch to bury them.