10 Secret Health Benefits of Watermelon Peel Just Revealed

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We ought to dump watermelon skins into the bin after we munch on its red watery flesh. Little we know that watermelon skin actually has health advantages of its own.

Yes, it is true that the flesh is the central part of watermelon consumption, but don’t be fooled by the skin. It indeed has its own special benefits that one should never ignore.

One of them is these pros of watermelon skin, which is a considerable alternative to the watermelon fruit. Thus, you will never know that there are health benefits of watermelon peel.

Nutritional Content of Watermelon Peel

Watermelon peel may not be as appealing as the flesh, but then it is still edible. A cube of watermelon peel contains the following nutrients.

  • 8g calories
  • 32g carbohydrates
  • 2% Vitamin C per daily intake
  • 1% Vitamin B6 per daily intake

Also, these are the 20 vitamin C benefits.

Benefits of Watermelon Peel for the Skin

The most vital benefit of watermelon peel is for beauty and aesthetical purposes. Don’t throw the peel immediately as it is rich in invaluable nutrients. Yes, it is true that most of us only consume the flesh, due to its refreshing taste thanks to its natural water content that can act as a substitute for water as well as to prevent one from dehydrating. The abundant water content makes the peel able to clean up all the dirt that sticks on our skin and make it smooth.

Second, w atermelon peel has lycopene which can be used to treat acne prone skin. Lycopene is a form of antioxidant that is also present in oranges. Lycopene in oranges provide maintenance for the skin cells and make the skin naturally beautiful.

Usage Method 1

To use the skin-friendly watermelon peel turns out to be very simple. Just follow these steps;

  • Clean out the peels from the flesh until the surface is skimmed into the white part.
  • Slice it and stick it into the desired part of the skin.

Usage Method 2

  • Smoothen the white areas of watermelon peel.
  • Stick it into the skin destined for treatment.
  • Attach it for approximately 5-10 minutes regularly.

Benefits of Watermelon Peel for Medical Treatment

Various types of fruit are indeed bringing positive outcomes to our health, while in the meantime the peels are also utilized for the making of traditional medicine, one of them is through watermelon peel.

Watermelon peel has high values of potassium that accelerates blood flow to prevent cardiovascular problems such as heart diseases. Below are several health issues that cam be cured using watermelon peel.

  • Anticipates hypertension
  • Cleans the kidney
  • Prevents urinary bladder infection
  • A solution to treat symptoms of anemia

Doing the medicinal recipe for watermelon peel isn’t that hard after all, only that extra care is need. This is how you do it;

  • Dry the peel and then punch it until it becomes soft.
  • Take 20 grams of dry watermelon skin to be cooked with water at a modest amount.
  • Drink the boiled water regularly for a month.

Take note of the improvements after one whole month of consumption. Continue this treatment procedure if sickness happens to gradually disappear.

Apart from watermelon’s peel, the seeds are also useful for your health. These are the 21 health benefits of watermelon seeds.

Other Health Advantages of Watermelon Peel

Here are more health benefits of watermelon peel:

1. Combats Free Radicals

According to the Food and Agricultural Sciences Journal, citrulline is a compound found inside watermelon peel. Citulline works in getting rid of free radicals. It is then further developed into amino acid, which is used by the heart and the body immune system to protect the body system from hazardous toxins inside our body.

2. Increases Libido

Researchers from Texas’ Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre have taken note that citrulline relaxes the blood vessels and indeed also heals erectile dysfunction. In fact, the ability to increase blood flow makes citrulline inside watermelon peel ideal as a natural herb to increase libido.

3. Helps You to Sleep Better

A substance named serotonin is needed at adequate levels to make us fall asleep. However, stress also slows down the release of this agent, that’s why when we are stressed we cannot have a good sleep. Watermelon’s carbohydrate content helps the release of this chemical.

The recommended number of sleeping hours per day is 8.  Here are the  15 benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night.

  1. Provides Energy
  2. Interestingly, not only letting you to sleep better, but also it supplies you with energy to carry out your daily activities! It is the vitamin B6 that releases energy, through the production of dopamine and magnesium.
  3. Reduces Fat

Interestingly, not only letting you to sleep better, but also it supplies you with energy to carry out your daily activities! It is the vitamin B6 that releases energy, through the production of dopamine and magnesium.

Recommendations Intake

Watermelon peel can be consumed on its own or be made into other interesting creations. In fact, there are also various appetizing watermelon peel recipes to try at home! Here are few rejuvenating recipes of watermelon peel.

1. Watermelon Salad

  • Prepare pieces of watermelon peel and onion.
  • Mix them together.
  • Add other condiments, such as black pepper to improve its taste.

2. Watermelon Juice

  • Prepare a minimum of two whole slices of watermelon, and also some mint leaves.
  • Cut the watermelon pieces and put them into the blender.
  • Blend until the texture becomes smooth.
  • If you opt for a more liquid texture, strain the juice. However, the nutrients will decrease compared to when it is still in its original form.
  • Add mint leaves and ice for the final touch and also to make it more refreshing.

You can also add cucumber to your watermelon juice. Here are the health benefits of water melon and cucumber juice.

The contents of watermelon peel is still being researched to discover more uses to it. There are many unkonw health benefits of watermelon peel. Unfortunately, like what is written above watermelon peel is more likely to be thrown away these days. Further researches can prove other potentials contained inside the watermelon itself. If you’d like to find out more, here are the other 25 health benefits of watermelon.