17 Health Benefits of Carbohydrates (No.4 You Don’t Believe)

Carbohydrates are organic compound that contains various types of sugar units. Carbohydrate is widely known as the main source of the energy in your daily life. But, since many people have some problems with carbohydrate, especially associated with their weight gain, other people become little bit dubious when they’re consuming carbohydrate, while the amount of […]

30 Echinacea Health Benefits (#1 Scientist Evidence)

Echinacea which also known as Echinacea purpurea or Echinacea angustifolia is a herbal plant that is native to North America. One of native American Indiants tribe “Lakota” has used echinacea for hundreds of years as an effective medication of some animal sting and many health disease. The echinacea which used for medication purpose obtained from […]

14 Health Benefits of Taurine (No.5 Like Holy)

Taurin is known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid. It is not essential amino acid that we get from our food intake. Taurine is usually called as conditional amino acid that is produced by our body and found mostly in our heart and brain. Taurin is not a toxic. The excessive taurine is usually discarded through urine. Consuming 1-4 gram […]

5 Side Effects of Taking Iron and Calcium Together

Are you in special diet program? There are a lot of reasons why a person decided to conduct a special diet program, not only weight loss diet program but some people decided to change their lifestyle into the better one by only consuming specific foods. Avoiding junk food is the first step a person should […]

11 Benefits Zinc Oxide For Skin – Uses – Side Effects – Who To Avoid

Zinc oxide for skin already has real proven benefits around the world, FDA has been approved this as sunscrens “stuff”. Zinc oxide usually can find in many products, including ointments or creams used to avoid or cure minor skin burns and skin irritation. Zinc oxide is not poisonous when you suddenly swallow it. The most […]