12 Numerous Health Benefits of Homemade Bread Vs Store Bought

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Many people has known the health benefits of homemade bread vs store bought. Therefore, more people choose to make a homemade bread rather than buy in the store. However, the problems sometimes is the available time to make this homemade bread. Hence, some people keep buy the bread at the store for more practicability.

Homemade bread are various in every countries. There are sweet bread, salty bread, pastry, and else. This make the taste can be various too. Hence, this can depends on the origin country where the bread made. Such as in France, the bread are more hard. But here in Asia, most people loves soft bread. Japan also famous with the cheese bread. But today, we can easily get many types of bread around the world. The technology of transportation and information, make this happen easily. Simple see the recipe and try to make the homemade bread based on their origin country.

Nutrient Content of Homemade Bread

Each bread will have different kind of nutrition. However, a bread will contain numerous number of calories and mainly carbohydrates. As the main ingredients of homemade bread is flour and egg. Hence, the bread consist of several vitamins and minerals too. For more details on the health benefits of homemade bread vs store bought, see below details.

1. Source Of Energy

Bread is another source of energy. Therefore, it is a suitable menu that preserve for breakfast. Add some jam and a glass of milk. Hence, it can bring enough energy to start the day. This is why people love to have a slice of bread with coffee or tea in the morning. It is a good energy booster for early day. This is the same health benefits of red bull that can help to bring as an energy source too.

2. Fullness Stomatch

Consume the bread also a best way to make sure keeping the full stomach. Therefore, if feel hunger, this can be one of the alternate food to make the stomach full. However, make sure not to consume too many as this bread also bring some effects for the health. Specially sweet bread can dangerous for diabetic patient.

3. No Preservative

The most benefit that can reach from homemade bread is that the bread normally contain no preservative. Therefore, it is more healthy for the body and avoid numerous diseases that can be happen due to using high number of preservative. This is the same health benefits of fruitcake that also contain no preservative too.

4. Toxin Free

As the bread is free from preservative, therefore, it also free from various toxin. It is no secret that preservative contain numerous chemical which can bring toxin into the body. Therefore, consume a homemade bread compare with the store bought will be more healthy.

5. Rich In Carbohydrates

The bread are a high source for carbohydrates. Therefore, it can help to supply the needs of carbohydrates. This is important part to keep optimum energy for daily activities. This is the same health benefits of Japanese sweet potato that also rich in carbohydrates too. 

6. Children Growth

Bread contain numerous vitamins and mineral that good to support their growth. Therefore, provide various bread as their snack can be a healthy habit. Furthermore, it will provide enough vitamins and minerals needed for the body development in children.

7. Improve Brain

The protein inside the bread which sometimes contain various meat can help to improve the brain development. Therefore, it is a good food to consume by the children as it will improve memory and help them to absorb new information very well. This is the same health benefits of homemade meatloaf that can help to improve brain.

8. Develop Muscle

Bread also contain some protein that can help to support muscle development. Therefore, it can help to maintain the muscle mass and avoid the forms of fat too.

9. Healthy Bone

The calcium and magnesium inside the bread also can help to support the bone strength. Therefore, it will improve the bone mass and help to avoid fracture bone. This is good for the children as it will support a healthy bone development. This is the same benefits of exercise for bone halth that can help to improve healthy bone too.

10. Fasten Digest

Bread contain fiber that is good for digestive system. Therefore, it can help to improve bowel movement and produce a fasten digest. Furthermore, it will help to avoid any problem with digestive hormones or system. 

11. Avoid Stomach Ache

Consume the homemade bread can help to avoid diarrhea. As it is more healthy and made from the best ingredients rather than buy in the store. Therefore, it is better to make a homemade bread.

12. Anti Bacteria

A homemade bread also a good food that anti bacteria. As the bread sell in the store might not quite hygiene and contain dangerous bacteria that can lead into sickness.

Cautions And Recommendations

As there are many benefits, there are also some side effects. Therefore, if plan to consume the bread daily, see below recommendation for optimum benefit taken.

  • Too much consume of this bread can lead into obesity and diabetic. This is due to the bread contain high number of carbohydrates and glucose that if not change into energy will be absorbed by the body and lead into several symptoms such as diabetes condition. Furthermore, diabetic mostly happen in obese people too.
  • Homemade bread without preservative can not stand for longer days. Therefore, avoid consume the bread if there are signs of expired. The bread can contain fungi that can be dangerous and cause diarrhea.
  • Some people with allergically conditions to dairy products such as milk and also egg shall avoid consume the bread. This can make the consumer experience swollen, redness skin and itchiness.
  • Autism children shall avoid consume the bread as it can make the autism syndrome worst.

Those all the health benefits of homemade bread vs store bought. Therefore, it is suggested to make a homemade bread rather than have to buy in the store. Not only more delicious, it can guarantee more healthy. Furthermore, it is the best food for children breakfast that can support their daily activities.