14 Amazing Benefits of Sausage Tree Cream – No.1 for Skin Health

Are you a user of beauty cream or cream made from herbal tree? So, how does it affect your body so far? Is your skin have improved externally and internally? If not, then you should try another cream. There are many types of beauty cream, and the ingredients are also vary with each products. Here […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Skin You Need to Know

Have you used any skin treatment? In this case, are you choosing the natural one? Then, in this article, we will talk about CBD which comes from the cannabis plant that has pharmaceutical effects on skin. It turns out that CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant. In fact, […]

10 Health Benefits of Salamanders – Is It Safe to Eat?

It has been a long tradition with regards to the health benefits of salamanders. Many people believe that this tiny animals meat will benefit for various health problems. Therefore, some people still dare to consume the animal in order to get some healthy body condition. Furthermore, it has been prove since long time ago that […]

10 Awesome Benefits of Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion for Younger Look

Many woman start to know the benefits of diamond peel microdermabrasion. This skin treatment is currently available in many clinics. Therefore, to get the treatment is not difficult. It just need specialization, experience, and of course more cost. Since microdermabrasion is never a cheap treatment. Hence, it needs to suit between the treatment and the […]

Benefits of Aleppo Soap for Skin Health – Natural Beauty Tricks

Aleppo soap is a handmade, bar and castile soap that is often associated with a city named Aleppo in Syria. It is primarily composed of olive oil, laurel oil and lye. However, starting from the 20th century in line with modern soap production, Aleppo soap producers have started to introduce a range of herbs and […]

Benefits of Soapberry for Skin Health – Natural Beauty Tricks

Soapberry or Sapindaceae is actually a family of more than 1000 species, most of them are trees and shrubs, with a minority being herbs. In simplest terms, it is a relative to the lychee fruit. Its distribution ranges in the tropical as well as subtropical regions of Asia, though it has since saw introduction to […]

Skin Benefits of Rose Kaolin Clay – 100% Natural and Safe

We’ve all probably heard the power of clay for skincare. Clay mask has been one of the powerful and high-selling products everyone wonders about. There are actually some types of clay for cosmetic use that are common in beauty industry. Kaolin clay is one of the popular clay that has wide variety of uses. But, […]

9 Benefits of Soap with Glycerin – Best Personal Care Product

Many people still use soap as number one choice of personal care product. Although, some group of people slowly migrating to use body wash or shower gel to clean their body. Soap also has different types nowadays. The most commonly used are solid soap and liquid soap. Liquid soap is slowly taking solid soap’s place […]

Proven Benefits of Fair and Lovely Multivitamin Cream for Skin Health 

Today, there are many kinds of skin care products offered. All of them promise the beauty and health of your skin. One of the favorite skin care products used by women all over the world is fair and lovely multivitamin cream. It is one of the skin care products offers affordable price, yet gives you […]

Benefits of Blue Cypress Essential Oil for Skin Health – #Top Beauty Treatments

Do you love to do beauty treatments? What kind of treatments do you like to have? Is it using beauty mask or exfoliating your face? In this case, we will talk about a way to reach beauty and healthy skin. It turns out that blue cypress essential oil can help you to achieve the best […]