Benefits of Queen Helene Face Mask for Your Natural Beauty Treatment

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Mud masks have been a trendy beauty product lately, seen from the number of beauty brands competing in offering their finest yet unique mud mask product. The reason to why mud masks are a big hit lately is because consumers are finding a natural way to get rid of their skin from everyday pollutants.

Queen Helene, a manufacturer of beauty products since 1930 is one of the participants in this “mud mask game.” And these are all one needs to know about mud mask, and of course the health benefits of Queen Helene Mud Mask.

What is a Mud Mask?

Mud masks are of course based out of mud, however the type of mud involved in the making of mud masks are the ones that are nutritious for the skin!

The mud is sourced from volcanic areas, such as Hawaii. It is no secret that volcanic muds are nutritious for the skin thanks to its abundance of minerals.

In addition, mud masks are also suitable for normal or sensitive skin, and can be applied to everyday for around 20 to 30 minutes. They rejuvenate and moist the skin, thus brightening, softening, and suppling the skin for an age-defying one.

The Difference Between Clay Mask and Mud Mask

Many public and producers alike confuse clay mask and mud mask as the same thing, where in fact they are not. Clay masks in the meantime is made of health benefits clay soil, which in reality is a more specific type of mud. And then, not all types of minerals can also be classified as clay.

There are three types of clay for masks; bentonite clay for sebum management, kaolin clay for sensitive skin, and rhassoul clay for exfoliating dry skin.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks are Made of Kaolin

The official website of Queen Helene Mud Masks list kaolin as the primary type of mud used on its products. Kaolin is a form of English clay that is good at skin revitalization and lifting away impurities.

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks are Safe for Sensitive Skin

Mud masks in general is safe for sensitive skin thanks to its soft texture. Soft texture is needed for sensitive skin because it is less likely to trigger blemishes and irritation.

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks for Deep Cleansing

Deep cleansing is one of the main features of Queen Helene Mud Masks because they powerfully absorb dirt and impurities from the deep pores of the skin entirely. In fact, one should use mud masks every day to optimally benefit from this feature!

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks for Exfoliation

Mud masks exfoliate the skin, or gets rid of dead skin cells the moment it is washed off. A dead-skin-cell free skin is the key to a glowing, radiant, smooth, young, and flaunt-worthy face!

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks for Detoxification

Despite the varying levels on how much detoxification is possible on every mud mask, all mud-based masks nonetheless detox in one way or another.

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks are Nutritious

Mud masks contain a lot of valuable nutrients, such as iodine, side effects of taking iron and calcium together, benefits of calcium, benefits of potassium, and kaolinite in the case of Queen Helene Mud Masks. After all, these nutrients – being natural remain way better compared to synthetic ones.

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks Tightens the Skin

Mud masks not only absorbs dirt and impurities, it also makes sure that the pores it absorbed are well tightened once the mask leave the surface of the skin. Tight pores are the key to everlasting skin purity because dirt cannot come in easily.

  1. Queen Helene Mud Masks is Acne Safe

And finally, Queen Helene mud masks are how to get rid of acne safe because of its texture and the fact that they are safe for sensitive skin.