Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on Your Back for Skin

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There are interesting facts about skin health, many believe that the health benefits of sleeping on your back for skin are closely related to skin health. A study explains that poor sleeping position habits can make your face overgrown with zits or fine lines. This was revealed by Dr. Kiran Loha, a skin specialist doctor revealed that skin problems arise due to incorrect sleeping position. Indeed, if you are still under 30 years old, fine wrinkles are not so visible. But if you are at the age of 30 years and above, then it will be very clear. This will certainly affect your appearance and confidence. So what is a good and correct sleep position? which can maintain the health of your skin awake? Read more: Benefits of sleeping on the floor

It turned out that the supine sleepingposition with head facing up is very good. This is because the distribution ofblood or body fluids will be very even and smooth without obstacles to yourentire body. besides it also makes your skin pores get enough oxygen. This iscertainly very good for your overall skin health, not only on your face. thisadvantage is not obtained if your sleeping position sideways or even on hisstomach. Some of the benefits of sleeping on your back for skin that you will getare as follows:

  • Prevents zits

The supine position makes the surface of the skin that look like an area of ​​the face, chest, stomach, thighs, and hands open. This is important because the skin as our body needs fresh air to breathe. Sleeping position sideways, especially on his stomach, will make the surface of the skin closed so that the skin is difficult to breathe. Thus clogged facial pores that can cause acne. The sleeping position that is sideways especially prone will cause the surface of the face to be squashed or stuck to the pillow. Plus assuming your pillow is not kept clean, then bacteria or germs and even mites will be able to move to the surface of your facial skin and harm skin health. Read also: Benefits of sleeping 8 hours a night

  • Smooth blood circulation

Sleeping on his stomach or side position can inhibit blood flow. Thus the blood circulation is not smooth which results in skin health problems such as panda eyes. Wrinkles on the skin, especially the face area can also be an impact if blood circulation is not smooth when sleeping position. You may also like this: Health benefits of sleeping without underwear

  • Prevents facial wrinkles

For those of you who like to sleep sideways especially prone position, then try to change your habits. sideways sleeping position will certainly put pressure on the skin on one side of your body. One of them is one side of your facial skin. If this pattern has become a habit, it will adversely affect facial skin. Small wrinkles on the sides of the face will gradually appear. This is because some parts of your facial skin are depressed and blood circulation in these parts is not smooth. For those of you who are in the program to whiten the face by using a night cream, the effect will not be maximized. Because sleeping sideways will make most of your face cream does not seep into the pores of the skin but instead seep into the pillow. Or you can try the health benefits of sleeping in a hammock

Sleeping comfortably is very important, but the health and beauty of your skin, especially the face area is no less important. Moreover, the benefits of sleeping on your back for skin are not only good for skin health but also to maintain your posture. Sleeping on your back can also prevent you from feeling achy after sleeping, this is because the side sleeping position makes your body’s muscles, not in a straight and relaxed position.