4 Incredible Health Benefits of Salted Peanuts #1 Healthy Snack

Peanuts are full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats. Thus earning it a title of diet-friendly food. Peanuts can be turned into many forms and one of them is salted peanuts. Now, high amount of sodium may contribute to diseases in your body such as stomach cancer and heart disease. Therefore, it needs to […]

25 Health Benefits of Brine Water – Works as Beauty Hacks

Salt water’s benefits holds an important position in terms of health and beauty, and most of the time it is mixed with other herbal ingredients. Salt water has various advantages and carries positive effects through different point of views. Thus, there are many health benefits of brine water. Salt Water’s Advantages for Your Beauty Salt water […]

20 Health Benefits of Black Hawaiian Sea Salt #1 Traditional Drugs

Sea salt is kind of salt that produce from sea’s evaporation process. Some people commonly used as cooking ingredients to add salty taste into. Some of  ingredients in sea salt generally same with the ion onside the sea salt. Dry sea salt contains approximately 55.5 % chlorine, 30.8% sodium, 7.7 % sulfate, 3.7% magnesium, 1.2 […]

24 Best Health Benefits of Sea Salt (#1 Top Mineral Source)

Before talking about what are the health benefits of sea salt, firstly, let’s have a look at the definition of sea salt. Sea salt is known as the salt which is produced by the evaporation process of salt water bodies. What makes sea salt different from table salt is the presence of darker minerals and […]

30 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt – Beauty – Food – Energy Drink

Many people now decided to avoid salt in all cost because the sodium contained in salt is closely related to all kinds of cardiovascular condition like heart disease, hypertension even stroke. Those people think by avoiding salt, they take one step closer to healthy lifestyle. Is it true? Do you know that avoiding salt could […]

23 Proven Benefits of Epsom Salt : Health & Beauty

Epsom salt is one kind of Magnesium Sulfate that considered potential. This salt is known as one type of salt that is very important and can be used in industries, such as: in coloring aniline, for the production of cotton clothing. Along with the development of the industry, especially in the fields of pharmacology, other […]

15 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt (No.5 Amazing)

Pink Himalayan Salt is a pure salt from a mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The varying shades of pink of this salt come from its high mineral crystals and iron oxide content. Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals which are predominantly by sodium chloride (95-98%). 5 others most minerals that can be […]