Health Benefits of Sabudana Vada – Made by Tapioca Pearls

Sabudana Vada, additionally called ‘sago vada’, is a customary snack from Maharashtra, India. It is frequently presented with hot green chutney and alongside hot chai. In different pieces of the country, Sabudana vada is the best alternative to have when you are breakfasting. Along these lines, this filling and a nutritious snack is served more […]

Health Benefits of Litti Chokka – Veg Indian Dish Recipe

Have you ever heard of litti chokha before? Litti chokha is a complete meal that is made of dough balls, made up of whole wheat flours, eggplants, plus black gram flour and stuffed with roasted chickpea flours. They are then mixed with herbs and spices before being roasted on coal.  The stuffing itself is made of lentils, and can also be eaten with yoghurt, ghee, papad crackers, or […]

Health Benefits of Bhel Puri – Indian Favorite Cuisine with Recipe

Snacking is a favourite pastime normally used to give the stomach some content in between meal times. Now here’s the thing; some of us worry that snacking either makes us gain weight or is not filling enough. Well, for fans of Indian cuisine, look no further, because bhel puri is here to save the day! […]

List of Aromatic Herbs in India and Health Benefits

The unique thing about India is they are using herbs not only for cooking but also for fragrances used in religious and traditional medicine practices. The list of aromatic herbs in India and health benefits below will tell you more about how rich India culture is and not only in art or cuisine but also […]

Ayurvedic List of Medicinal Herbs in India and Health Benefits

Living with nature will open your mind that it is not only you who protect the nature but if you respect the nature, nature will protect you as well. You could make an endless list of herbs, spices, herbal plant that have been part of your daily life. The list of medicinal herbs in India […]

Health Benefits of Panjiri #Healthy Indian Dessert for Your Daily Treatment

Panjiri is a staple dessert from the Punjab region as well as Hyderabad in India. Despite being a dessert, it is also regarded as a nutritional supplement. Its primary ingredient is whole wheat flour fried in sugar and ghee, and heavily topped by herbal gums and dried fruits. Normally panjiri itself is eaten in cold […]

Discover The Health Benefits of Indian Head Massage and How It Works

The Indian head massage is a holistic body treatment that does not only cover the head, but also its surrounding areas such as the face, neck as well as shoulders. The primary aim of the Indian head massage is to restore the body’s energy into balance. It is also part of the Ayurvedic healthcare culture, […]

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Indian Sarsaparilla Root #1 Top Herbs

These days, society lives in a world full of toxic which causes many killing diseases. A lot of people are currently suffering from cancer, heart attack, skin problems, kidney diseases and other serious illness that may cause death. Nonetheless, as the technology goes better day by day, the research findings are getting various as well. […]

Incredible Health Benefits of Indian Borage – Proven Herbal Cure

Improving body health needs a lot of effort, especially when it comes to securing serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack or others. Many people have spent millions of money to get prevented and healed from particular diseases by consuming chemical medicine and go to the hospital. However, starting today, let us just not talk […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Sambar (#1 Healthy Indian Cuisine)

Sambar is one of Indian cuisines which include vegetables such as pumpkin and okra with the spicy and sour broth. Some of you might see sambar simply as vegetable stew. Sambar is a good match for dosa, or rice in India. Not only hit your tongue with its sour and spicy taste, sambar can also […]