Amazing Health Benefits of Cassava Bread That You Rarely Known

Foods and beverages become one of the most influential things for our body health. We need to make sure that the foods we eat and the beverages we drink every day have a lot of nutrients that will be beneficial for our health. One of the most important molecules that we should monitor about its […]

10 Health Benefits of Cassava Starch Just Revealed Now!

Who is not familiar with cassava? Cassava is one type of plant that must have been familiar. This type of tuber plants is one of the most famous foodstuff in Indonesia, even the world. Although some areas in Indonesia cultivate cassava as staple food, and also thrives in the areas – Indonesia, but actually tubers […]

7 Benefits of Cassava Peels for Health and Environment

Cassava, yuca, or manioc (Manihot Utilissima) is an annual shrub from the United States that produces tubers that come from growing roots. Cassava has an average tuber size of 2-3 cm in diameter with a length of 50-80 cm. Cassava tubers usually have an oval shape with the inside of the tuber is white or […]

28 Health Benefits of Yucca Roots (No.9 is Very Impressive)

Yucca is a perennial shrub plant which native to Central America. This plant is usually used as ornamental plant but the root of the plant can also be consumed. Yucca leave has been used since long ago by people native in America especially Athabaskan people to make rope, thread and basket while yucca root has […]

15 Health Benefits Of Cassava (No.5 Will Surprise You)

Nowadays, rice is a common staple food in almost countries in the world and most source of carbohydrate that people love to eat especially in Asian countries. Since the alternative of staple food grows and people tend to consume other form of carbohydrate. One of the wellknown subtitutes of rice is cassava. The cassava plant […]