15 Fantastic Bulgarian Yogurt Health Benefits for Better Intestine

Many people start to introduce the Bulgarian yogurt health benefits for a daily consume. This is including as a kind of yogurt but with difference bacteria as the yogurt culture. It is amazing fact that Bacillus Bulgaricus is specific bacteria for yogurt that only can find in Bulgaria. This is the source of the yogurt […]

10 Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt #Science-Backed for Centuries

Nowadays, the health benefits of Greek yogurt for weight loss is very popular. Therefore, no wonder if many woman suddenly loves to consume this kind of yogurt. It can be consume in the morning or for afternoon snack in the office. No matter how the way it will eaten, it is believe bring many advantages […]

13 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Drinking Rum (Top #12)

If you’re familiar with alcoholic beverages, then rum is something you might know quite well. Rum is basically an alcoholic beverage that made from sugarcane juice and going through fermentation and distillation. This beverage is linked with tropical beverage, since it came from the Caribbean and already become the traditional drink there since long time […]

15 Surprising Health Benefits of Glass of Wine A Day

Drinking wine is not only common habit in western countries, there also some health benefits of glass of wine a day that known to be very good. Therefore, every evening, the western family choose to have a glass of wine after their dining. This has been done for century and still continue until nowadays. Wine […]

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Kava and Recommendation Intake

If you ever feel super anxious at a time and nothing can stop you, you maybe will get the prescription from the doctor. If you ever read about health benefits of calea zacatechichi, this plant is also able to cure your anxiety. But then, it also might include a medicine made from kava. Kava is […]

Is There Any Health Benefits of Fanta Soda? Check This 30 Facts!

When there’s a party around, there will always food and beverages following by. And one of people’s favorite beverage when there’s a party is carbonated drink. Carbonated beverages is like a must when there’s party around since children also able to drink it. One that quite popular around is Fanta, with it’s various fruit flavor. […]

12 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Sherry Wine #1 Savage!

Western people commonly drink wine during dinner since it is believe can bring warmness to the body. The same way as the health benefits of sherry wine. It has been famous for many years that a sherry wine is taste good and also bring advantages for human body. Therefore, it is common to keep a […]

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer Pletok (Betawinese Beer)

Most of beers contain alcohol and give negative effects for health. On the other hand, there is one beer from Jakarta, Indonesia, that contains many essential nutrients as well as its health benefits. It is Beer Pletok, an authentic Betawinese beer made from ginger and other spices. Beer pletok exist as the result of Dutch […]

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Mexican Hot Chocolate

Original chocolate with pure milk and raw sugar is one of favorite beverages to be consumed or you can read health benefits of chocolate drink and health benefits of drinking chocolate in the morning. The mixture of Mexican hot cocoa revitalizes the state of mind that is no wonder being used against stress, depression, agony, […]

20 Health Benefits of Honey and Yogurt Apart from Beauty

Previously we had discussed the Health Benefits of Yogurt for Toddlers. Yogurt is very beneficial for health. Not just for health, yogurt along with honey brings benefits to beauty. Now there are many people who use yogurt and honey as a face mask. Why honey and yogurt is the right choice for beauty? Yogurt is […]