15 Fantastic Bulgarian Yogurt Health Benefits for Better Intestine

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Many people start to introduce the Bulgarian yogurt health benefits for a daily consume. This is including as a kind of yogurt but with difference bacteria as the yogurt culture. It is amazing fact that Bacillus Bulgaricus is specific bacteria for yogurt that only can find in Bulgaria. This is the source of the yogurt names comes from.

To get this kind of yogurt, it can easily get in the market or imported department store. Furthermore, if wish to create this homemade yogurt, all it needs is the bacteria culture. Therefore, provide the original Bacillus Bulgaricus and put in the prepared milk for the culture.

From the first culture, it can be use in another way for creating the homemade yogurt. As it has a quite sour taste, it is better to mix the yogurt with some fruits or other toppings that will help to create a better taste. Furthermore, it can be serve with other dessert or meal, such as compile with ice cream, pancake or salad.

Nutrient Content of Bulgarian Yogurt

This dessert usually contain various nutrient that good for the body. In one serving of the yogurt, usually contain of several grams of calories, fiber, protein, vitamin, calcium, magnesium, and any other nutrient that good for the body. For further Bulgarian yogurt health benefits, take a look into below items

1. Better Digestive

The main benefit of consume yogurt usually will help with a better digestive system. It is no secret anymore that yogurt will help to ease the digestive and even lead to a fasten digest. This is the same health benefits of birds eye chili that can help to improve a better digestive too.

2. Improve Metabolic Rate

Consume yogurt also good to improve the body metabolic rate. It will stimulate the conversion of food into energy that lead to a high and fasten metabolic rate. This can be a way to optimize oxygen distribution and add more needed energy for daily activities.

3. Increase Immunity

Bulgarian yogurt also good to increase the body immune system. The mineral inside this dessert are good and needs for the body wellness. Therefore, it will also help to avoid the diseases too.

4. Upset Stomach

Yogurt might work to stop any stomach upset. It contain some good bacteria that can help to stimulate a better feeling inside intestine and stomach. Therefore, it can help to reduce gasses and avoid the possibility of heartburn. This is the same health benefits of purple hull peas that can help to soothe an upset stomach too.

5. Weight Loss

Another Bulgarian yogurt health benefits including to keep the weight and even a good choice for weight loss. No wonder if many woman use this food as their dietary menu in order to help  with loosing weight, combine with various other healthy food.

6. Avoid Fat

The yogurt also can help the body to avoid fat formation. Specially for non fat yogurt that contain no sugars which might be harmful for the body.

7. Avoid Hypertension

Consume Bulgarian yogurt also a good alternative to avoid the hypertension. It will help people with hypertension syndrome to lower down the blood pressure. Furthermore, it can help to maintain the blood pressure level too. This is the same health benefits of sambong tea that can also help to avoid hypertension. 

8. Probiotic

Yogurt contain probiotic that good for intestinal and digestive system. Therefore, it will manage the good bacteria to help with digestive process and eliminate bad bacteria from intestine. Furthermore, it will improve bowel movement that will lead to a fasten healthy digestion too.

9. Anti Tumor

Some mention the this yogurt also can be an effective way to avoid the tumor growth. However, more evidence and prove needed to support this statement. As there is no specific research on it further.

10. Avoid Osteoporosis

Another advantage of consume the yogurt including to help avoid the possibility of osteoporosis. As this food contain magnesium and calcium that good to develop the strong bone and improve bone mass density, it can help to avoid bone fracture. Furthermore, it will optimize bone grow and development. This is the same health benefits if romain lettuce that can help to avoid osteoporosis too.

11. Improve Heart

Consume the yogurt also good to maintain the heart condition. It will help to bring a healthy heart and will help to avoid the possibility of heart attack.

12. Avoid Stroke

Yogurt also a good option to manage cholesterol level. Therefore, it is able to avoid the stroke symptoms and bring a better healthy cardiovascular.

13. Prevent Diabetic

Bulgarian yogurt can be an alternative to avoid diabetic system. It will maintain the blood sugar level and even reduce it. Therefore, it is a good treatment to manage diabetic. Furthermore, it will keep a healthy blood sugar level inside the blood arteries. This is the same benefits of eating dark chocolate for diabetics that can help to avoid diabetic too. 

14. Bring Fullness

Consume yogurt also good as an alternative for stomach fullness. Therefore, it is a good choice when doing a diet to keep the body weight perfect.

15. Healthy Skin

It is common to use yogurt to maintain the skin condition. It can produce a smooth and silky skin appearance. Therefore, it can help to promote a healthy skin.

Cautions And Recommendations

As the yogurt bring many advantages, doesn’t mean it has no side effects. Therefore, it is suggested to pay attention to below recommendation when planning to eat the yogurt every day.

  • Do not over consume since it can increase the stomach gas and lead to sour condition. Therefore, consume properly as necessary after having some meal, not in an empty stomach.
  • Avoid having this dessert during pregnancy since it might bring effect to the fetus.
  • People with several medical treatment shall consult with the doctor before include this menu in to the daily dietary menu.
  • Stop consuming yogurt if experience allergically conditions such as itchiness, redness skin, nausea or even sickness. Some people have worst allergically reaction to the dairy products including yogurt.

The Bulgarian yogurt health benefits are a good alternative to help with healthy digestive. However, make sure to see the recommendation to avoid unwanted side effects. Therefore, it will bring optimum benefits as it wish. Furthermore, it will help a better body health and lead to a better digestive system.