10 Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt #Science-Backed for Centuries

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Nowadays, the health benefits of Greek yogurt for weight loss is very popular. Therefore, no wonder if many woman suddenly loves to consume this kind of yogurt. It can be consume in the morning or for afternoon snack in the office. No matter how the way it will eaten, it is believe bring many advantages and benefit for the body health in some  people. Especially to manage the weight and avoid the fat.

Greek yogurt actually origin from Middle East. It is a unique fact that this yogurt actually is a yogurt that has been strain to remove the whey. In the following days, it famous with name of Greek yogurt in American and British market. However, it is a common yogurt that serve in every countries in Middle East.

Nutrient Content of Greek Yogurt 

The yogurt caontain several nutrient that good for the health and body. According to Wikipedia, normally in a cup serve of this yogurt will contain high protein content. This strained yogurts should have minimum of 5.6% of protein content and 21 – 23 g/100g of total solid content. Yet, there are no information of concentrated yogurts percentage. Further, the present forms might be varied in terms of the fat and carbohydrate composition. Concentrated yogurts contain higher final total solid content and lactic acid.

While the health benefits of Greek yogurt for weight loss is as listed in below points:

1. High Fiber

The main benefit from this kind of yogurt is contain a high fiber. Therefore, it is the best way to manage with digestive problems. The fiber contains, normally can help to ease the digest system inside the body. This is the same health benefits of barley and lentils that contain high fiber too.

2. Ease Digestive

Yogurt is famous with the capability of ease digestive system. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a better digestive system. Including it can result a better intestine peristaltic bowel movement. Furthermore, it can improve the intestine work during passing the food inside and fasten the process regularly.

3. Manage Weight

Due to the fiber contain and the ease digest system, the yogurt will benefit to manage the body weight. Therefore, it is common to put the Greek yogurt as one of the daily diet menu for those who want to manage their weight. By consume the yogurt frequently, it can help to avoid weight gaining including fat forms inside body and bring more nutrient. This is the same benefits of pea protein weight loss that can help to manage the weight too.

4. Low Fat

This yogurt, the same way as many other kind of yogurts, are low in fat. Therefore, consume as much as this dish will not lead to any obesity. However, there is possibility of diarrhea an upset stomach if consume the yogurt too many, Hence, it is suggested to eat the yogurt in proper portions daily. Not too much and avoid making this yogurt as a meal replacement for along the day.

5. Good Bacteria

Greek yogurt also contain probiotic which also know as a good bacteria in the stomach. Therefore, consume this kind of yogurt can help to optimize the digestive and intestine system. It will manage a balance digestive hormone that will lead to better digest system, mainly inside the intestine. This is the same benefits of kvass fruits that help to provide good bacteria for digestive system too.

6. Fasten Digest

Another health benefits of Greek yogurt for weight loss is including to produce a fasten digest. By consume the yogurt, the digestion system can be improve and result a better digestive process too. Therefore, it will manage a healthy body digestion system and help to fill in various needs of nutrient into the body in optimal way.

7. Improve Metabolic Rate

The yogurt also one of the good menu for improve the body metabolic rate. It will help to optimize the formation of energy from absorbed food. Therefore, it will increase the food change into energy by optimize the oxygen level. This will lead to healthy  and proportional weight since it will lead to avoid the fat absorption into the body. This is the same health benefits of serrano peppers that can improve body metabolic rate too.

8. Bring Fullness

The yogurt in unexpected way also can bring fullness to the stomach. Therefore, it always use as snack or breakfast replacement. However, this can be sensitive in several types of stomach. Since it taste sour and can lead to upset stomach. 

9. High Protein Content

Greek yogurt also a high protein source for the body. Therefore, it is not only stimulate weight loss but also can improve the muscle health and formation. People who reduce weight always have problems with the muscle. By adding protein into the body means to maintain the muscle form to keep tight and healthy. This is the same health benefits of eating mahi-mahi that contain high protein source too.

10. Iodine Source

One fact of this yogurt is it contain iodine and even a good source of iodine. This is an important nutrient that can stimulate the thyroid hormone that promote a better weight loss. This is the way the yogurt can help to avoid weight gain.

Cautions And Recommendations

Not only bring numerous benefits, this yogurt also bring several point needs to consider before consume. For further detail, see below recommendation before consume the yogurt:

  • Avoid consume the yogurt with empty stomach, since in several people it can cause upset stomach with signs of sickness and gasses stomach.
  • Consume the yogurt in proper portions to avoid the possibility of experience diarrhea.
  • Pregnant woman shall consult with the carefgiver first before consume the yogurt to avoid effects on fetus.

Those are all the health benefits of Greek yogurt for weight loss that can help to manage the weight and avoid the fat absorption into the body. By consume this yogurt frequently, it will help to provide a healthy body that lead to a healthy cardiovascular system too. Hence, it is one of the good meal that can use as a healthy snack everyday.