15 Surprising Health Benefits of Glass of Wine A Day

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Drinking wine is not only common habit in western countries, there also some health benefits of glass of wine a day that known to be very good. Therefore, every evening, the western family choose to have a glass of wine after their dining. This has been done for century and still continue until nowadays.

Wine is actually a beverage which fermented from specific grape. Today, they are two kinds of wine. The first is white wine that usually taste more sweet. The second one is red wine which normally more sour and produce from the red grape fruit. Since the making of a bottle of wine is not too difficult, there are it can easily get in any store around the world. Except in some countries that the availability is limited as it might against the law.

The best wine normally comes from the longest fermented grape. Therefore, the price of an old wine will cost more expensive rather than a newly produced wine. Some wine collector even offer a very high price for a high quality of oldest wine in the world. Hence, it is not a matter of consume the wine, but it is more to a pride of having a rare wine collections. However, to get to know more about the wine advantages, take a look several overview below.

Nutrient Content of Glass of Wine

In a glass of wine normally will contain numerous nutrient that will benefit the body. In a glass of 100ml wine usually contain the nutrient as below:

  • 83 cal of calories
  • 5mg of sodium
  • 99mg of potassium
  • 2.7gr of carbs
  • 0.8gr of sugars
  • 2gr of iron
  • 5gr of vitamin B
  • 2gr of magnesium

Benefits Of Wine of Glass of Wine

There are also many health benefits of glass of wine a day, including below benefit:

1. Warm Body

Wine is a good way to keep a warm body. Mainly during cold season where the air and temperature might down lower and bring very cold weather. Therefore, it is suit to prevent the risk of hypothermia. This is the same health benefits of shawarma that will help to keep the body warm too.

2. Anti Bacteria

Wine is an anti bacteria that will help to avoid bacteria infection into the body. Therefore, it will manage a healthy body and away from any diseases.

3. Anti Inflammation

A glass of wine also benefit to be an anti inflammation. Therefore, it is suit to soothe the sore throat and a way to prevent acne.

4. Soothe Cold

Drinking a glass of wine during cold also help to reduce the cold symptoms. Therefore, it is a very good treatment to soothe the fever and bring the body temperature to normal condition. This is the same health benefits ginger milk that will help to reduce the cold effects too.

5. Detoxification

Another health benefits of glass of wine a day can help to perform natural detoxification of the body. Therefore, the body will manage to flush out the toxin and bring back the healthy.

6. Blood Pressure

Wine also good to manage the blood pressure. Therefore, it is good to consume by people with hypertension symptoms. 

7. Blood Sugar

Consume a glass of wine also good to manage the blood sugar level inside the blood. Therefore, it will help to avoid the possibility of diabetes. This is the same health benefits almond diabetes that will help to avoid diabetes condition too.

8. Healthy Heart

The content inside the wine will help to manage a better blood circulation. Therefore, it is a suit approach to maintain a healthy heart condition.

9. Anti Cancer

Wine also believe can act as anti cancer. However, this benefit shall be proven in future research.

10. Improve Visions

Wine is another way to improve the visions. Therefore, consume the wine daily will lead to a better vision and avoid the possibility of vision problems such as myopia or far sightedness symptoms. This is the same vitamin a benefits that will help to improve eye visions too.

11. Healthy Eyesight

Wine contain vitamins and minerals that will optimize the eyesight. Therefore, it will manage a healthy eyesight and avoid eye inflammation.

12. Avoid Dementia

Another benefit is including to maintain memory and help to avoid dementia. Therefore, it is good for elderly to keep consume a glass of wine before sleeping.

13. Reduce Depression

To drink a wine after dinner will help to reduce depression. Therefore, it will lead to calmness and better mind. This is the same benefits swimming in cold ocean water for depression that help to avoid stress too.

14. Prevent Insomnia

As wine can help to reduce the stresses, therefore, it is also a good option to prevent the possibility of insomnia. It could relax the mind and lead to a better sleep.

15. Prevent Cavities

Another advantage of wine including to prevent cavities. Therefore, it will be benefit to avoid toothache and manage a healthy teeth.

Cautions and Recommendation

A glass of wine not only bring some benefits, but there are several cautions that need to be attend. To get to know further, look at below recommendations before consuming the wine:

  • Pregnant woman shall avoid drinking wine since it contain numerous percentage of alcohol. Therefore, it can cause the possibility of miscarriage or unhealthy development to the fetus.
  • People with nerve dysfunction suggested not to consume the wine. As a glass of wine daily might bring the condition worst and difficult to get better. Hence, avoid drinking wine after dinner.
  • If having medical treatment from medical practitioner, it is suggested to avoid drinking wine together with the medicine. Otherwise, it will interfere the medicine functions and even more, it can lead to serious side effects.
  • Do not take too much glasses of wine since it can lead to addiction and will result to severe brain and nerve damage condition. Consume only one glass a day before sleep and not more than that.

Those are all the health benefits of glass of wine a day that help to maintain the body health. Make sure to consume in proper portions. Therefore, any possibility of the side effects can be avoided. Make sure to consume food or meal before drinking the wine. As it can cause upset stomach. Therefore, it can conclude that the proper use and consume of a glass of wine will bring enormous benefit for the body health.