10 Powerful Benefits of Rosy Peel Capsule and The Recommendation Intake

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These days, health and skin treatment can be received in various methods. The most common method is go to a clinic to receive treatment.

But, sometimes these method of treatment need to be supported by supplement or drugs. There’s a lot of supplement for skin and beauty. Most of them are quite affordable and easy to get (they are available on pharmacy).

One of the supplements for skin health and beauty is rosy peel capsule. Rosy peel is a skin care product produced by Great Well Pharma Inc. (a well-known Filipino company). It provides skin care with health benefits of yard long beans in the form of a capsule. This writing will cover the benefits of rosy peel capsule, including its nutrition facts, how to use it, and recommendation intake. Scroll down to find out.

Nutrition Facts of Rosy Peel Capsule

Let us take a look at the ingredients of rosy peel. Based on the description in rosy peel website, it is made from dormant saps of young green strawberry, bignay, kamias, and guava fruit. Here are the value of each ingredients :

  • Strawberry (Fragaria sp) : 350 mg
  • Guava (Psidium guajava) : 50 mg
  • Kamias (Averrhoa bilimbi) : 50 mg
  • Bignay (Antidesma bunius) : 50 mg

As can be seen above, most ingredients are super fruit. The usefulness of these fruits will further explained in the benefits of rosy peel capsule section.

So, here are the proven benefits of rosy peel capsule :

1. Rosy peel capsule moisturizes the skin

Dry skin are mostly caused by low relative humidity. The dryness may cause crack or scale on the skin. To keep the skin moisture, consuming rosy peel capsule can help. Due to its fruit-based ingredients, rosy peel provides complete package of vitamins, especially vitamin A and D that are important in keeping the skin hydrated. The methods in health benefits of green fruits and vegetables can also help moisturize the skin.

2. Rosy peel capsule helps treat acne

This is another benefits of rosy peel capsule. This benefit is, actually, still related to previous benefit. As stated above, rosy peel capsule helps maintain the skin moisture.

It means, acne might not grow on a skin with normal moisture. According to dermatologists, dry skin and dead skin cells are two causes of acne. Fortunately, rosy peel capsule is able to treat both causes, thereby preventing acne.

3. It contains high amount of antioxidants 

Thanks to highly nutritious fruits as its ingredients, rosy peel capsule can be a rich source of antioxidants. Guava (Psidium guajava), one of rosy peel ingredients, contains phytochemical such as polyphenols and carotenoids. According to scientists, it is suggested that polyphenols are good antioxidants. For more antioxidants benefits, see health benefits of red passion fruit

4. Rosy peel capsule lifts dead skin cell

Dead skin cells may cause the skin to look dark and dull, acne, and sign of aging. However, you can remove the dead skin cells with the benefits of rosy peel capsule. Rosy peel capsule will speed up skin regeneration, thus, the dead skin cells will replaced by new skin cells.

5. It helps prevent premature aging

It is proven that rosy peel capsule have strong antioxidants properties, due to its fruit-dominated ingredients. These antioxidants and health benefits of vegetable salad are useful in combating the signs of aging.

Signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin, black circle, and laugh lines can be stopped with antioxidants in rosy peel capsule. These signs usually caused by free radicals, which rosy peel capsule helps fight off against.

6. It protects the skin when exposed to UV rays

According to dermatologists, exposure to UV rays may cause damage on the skin, which in turn, may lead to signs of aging, darker skin tone, acne, harsh skin, and other skin problem. Thanks to its lycopene-containing guava, rosy peel capsule can protect the skin from damages caused by UV rays.

7. Rosy peel capsule helps brighten skin tone

This benefits of rosy peel capsule is useful for skin with dull appearance and dark tone. The natural colour of the skin, particularly face, is called complexion.

A person complexion may become darker due to many factors, e.g. UV rays exposure, acne, dry skin, free radicals, etc. Rosy peel protects the skin from these damages, while simultaneously improving its complexion, giving it radiant look, and provides health benefits of red pomegranate.

8. Beside skincare, rosy peel also helps mouth ulcer treatment

Mouth ulcer (or mouth sore) may cause pain and discomfort in the mouth area. The person affected may have difficulty in talking, and limited option of food. When mouth ulcer occurs, it is recommended not to consume spicy foods, and maintain oral hygiene. Consuming supplements such as rosy peel capsule, apparently can accelerate healing process. 

9. Rosy peel capsule helps get rid of bruises and pimples

Another fascinating benefits of rosy peel capsule is accelerated wound healing. According to some researches, vitamin C or ascorbic acid can speed up wound healing because it plays important role in collagen formation. Rosy peel capsule has high amount of vitamin C, thanks to its fruit-based ingredients. With this vitamin C, rosy peel can get rid of bruises and control pockmarks by accelerating wound healing and regeneration.

10. Rosy peel capsule makes skin feel softer

Rosy peel capsule contains high amount of vitamin C and E(see nutrition facts above). This is beneficial for skin with rough surface, as these vitamins are known for making skin softer and smoother.

Recommendation Intake of Rosy Peel Capsule

Up to this point, rosy peel capsules has receive many positive reviews from its customers. So, this product is recommended for you.

How to Use

To properly use rosy peel capsule, it’s recommended to follow these instructions (as written on product package) :

  • Consume 1 to 2 capsule per day or you can follow professional’s advice for recommendation intake.
  • Consume one capsule in the morning after breakfast, and another one before going to bed.
  • For the best result, take rosy peel capsule everyday until 15th day (30 pills, max amount per box).